Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Random Photos Part Two

Happy 120th birthday to the Eiffel Tower.
Anne Heche and Homer. It's good to see them together.
Brooke Shields is just like us. She has static electricity problems also.
This new act from Cirque de Soleil doesn't look that tough until you realize that the entire production takes place on ice.

David Beckham honors Shawshank Redemption.
It's been awhile since David Cook was in the pictures.
Who wants to join Eddie Griffin on the couch?
Elton John - Barcelona
One of the best guys to go drinking with - Eric Schaeffer.
One of my favorite pictures of the day. Gavin & Zuma.
I haven't seen James Van Der Beek in much lately.
A really good reason to be a Yankees fan.
It's like they went to Mood Fabrics and said, "ok."
Jennifer Lopez looks pretty good here.
Yes, nothing says true fan than a 25 year old concert shirt sold by a homeless guy to make a couple of bucks.


Ol Cranky said...

hey, NYC has given the country more than it's share of celebutards and media whores so don't hold us in Philly responsible for the Gosselins (or Bam Margera)

mooshki said...

I see Jennifer Lopez has perfected her evil witch costume just in time for Halloween.

Sinjin said...

Aww little Homer looks like a baby Liam Neeson :-)

Why does MJ's brother's face look like clay? Ewww.

Majik said...

I just figured it out--Jermaine Jackson is going for the Nipsy Russell a la "the Wiz" look.

blog hopper said...

Love the red piano Elton!

Anonymous said...

The Eiffel Tower looks so pretty.

Anne's kid looks like her clone.

Brooke never liked her.

Beckham looks like a werewolf lol.

How old is Elton??

I really can't stand this idiot Jermaine.

Sporky said...

Is that a ghost orb on J-Lo?
The Wicked Witch of the West wants her dress back!

MnGddess said...

You hae no idea how much it pissed me off that Jon Gosselin got to go to a Phillies game, walk on the field, and meet Shane Victorino and Charlie Manuel. Totally didn't deserve it. That said, I agree with the first post, Two words: Paris Hilton. DONE.


austinrob said...

Love seeing David Cook.

And, um, has anyone notice J-Lo showing to all kinds of random events lately. Not that the This Is It Premiere is random, but didn't I see her at a football game or 2 recently as well? I know Skeletor is part-owner, but J-Lo at a football game? I smell desperation.

audrey said...

I thouhgt it was a California Raisin making a comeback. Sadly it was just Jermaine Jackson.

Pookie said...

austin...not really desperate...marc isn't in the deal alone...she's got a stake in the dolphins too, and she'll be damned if she misses out on having her face plastered everywhere. also, they arrived miami much earlier b/c marc had a concert, and then at the a/p they debuted her (lame) new video.

brooke's dress...eep. wth was she thinking?!

love the elton pic!

RocketQueen said...

I have to say I think JLo looks amazing (face, makeup, hair). Shame about that attitude, though.

Great pic of Gavin & Zuma. Those are happy kids, methinks.

I have always thought Eddie Griffin is yuck and looks baked.

Ooh - anyone know when the new Cirque show starts? I'll be there in Dec and would love to see it on ice!

Oh Brooke - remove the black bits of fabric and that was a perfectly fine dress!

telesma said...

That Homer is a cute kid. Too bad his mom is such a freakin' loon. :(

lanasyogamama said...

Brooke's dress would be nicer without the black floaties.

I think everything they do in Cirque looks difficult.

Go Elton!

JLo looks good pretty often if we're being honest about it.

yeahbut42 said...

Kate Hudson, great reason to be a Philly fan.

Anonymous said...

Jon - get away from my team, get away from their band wagon, and...just go away.

Lola said...

Aaaw, little Homer looks exactly like Anne Heche. He's even got her nose!

Anonymous said...

What a collection of douches you have here, Enty! JHo, Anne Heche, Jamie Kennedy, Jon Gosselin...yikes; I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth!

Jen said...

Jlo is showing off her new plastic surgery...that is why she's showing up at every opening/premiere.

merrick said...

Jon, put the jersey down .. Jon, put the jersey down .. really, I dont want to have to send Uncle Sal over to make you put the jersey down.


Enty's Next Ex-Wife said...

I feel sorry for Homer having Anne Hache for his mother.

David C. seriously needs some sun.

Eddie Griffin looks ewww.

John G. should be dropped kicked for even touching a Phillies jersey.

Jermaine Jackson should seriously stay away from heat or any type of flame.

Jennifer LH and Jamie K look so pathetic. He unfortunately is from Philly as well. It's not something we like to talk about.

amanda rae said...

I thought David Cook was the non-gay one? Or are they all gay?

I still do not see Beckham's appeal. He's gross, IMO.

Zuma does look like a happy baby, but imagine how he'll feel in school with that asinine name...I doubt he'll be so happy then.

I love Elton John. His over the top flamboyance and really good music just make me happy.

figgy said...

I don't know when I've laughed so much at a random photos post Enty, thanks!

Brooke must be standing on 8 inch heels, cuz her lower body looks bizarrely elongated there. Anyway, always liked her, even moreso after a friend who used to take Tai Bo (remember that?) class with her said she's nice ALL the time, chatting others up, helping an older woman with the moves, etc.

dbfreak said...

Now, I actually do think that Anne Heche is too thin - she looks ugly.

Elton John is awesome!

I also think Gwen & Gavin's kids are just the CUTEST!

shakey said...

Is Eric Shaeffer one of the characters from your Drinking Road Trip Through Europe blind, Ent?

Yes, I still remember that one. One of my favourites.


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