Thursday, October 29, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Dos partes hoy en día. ¿Por qué? Bien porque las dos partes son siempre mejor que uno a menos que usted está viendo una película para la televisión protagonizada por Tori Spelling.

Nancy Travis starts off this part. I love Nancy. Have you ever noticed how much she works? I guess everyone else loves her too.
Patrick Dempsey meeting all his fans outside Letterman. Notice if you will the older woman getting an elbow to the face by the guy posing with Patrick.

Paz Vega and her husband Orson Salazar. I must have looked at 20 pictures in this set and I have to say that he doesn't look like that nice of a guy.
Some randomness of the day. Sheryl Crow, Jessica Capshaw and Amy Smart.
When is the perfect time for Robert Englund to release a book? The week of Halloween.
I actually like this picture of Rose McGowan. It shows that you don't need to wear 20 pounds of makeup. She looks better like this than when she is on the red carpet and slathered in the stuff.
Sara the camel getting ready for the grueling grind of the Radio City holiday shows.
Robin Thicke getting some love in Chicago.
I have no doubt that Snoop is perfectly qualified to demonstrate how to cook munchie food.
Lauren Michelle Hill and a very bendy Sean Patrick Flannery.
Tyra Banks makes all the models wear black face for this episode of ANTM.
And further irritating me is Tyra dressing as Kim Kardashian for Halloween. I heard Tyra is giving all her staffers the Halloween candy she doesn't like or she fears has razor blades in it and all the popcorn balls.
"Tom could we get a picture of you getting ready to sign the sign?"
I believe there may be some blushing going on here. I don't even want to know what the insurance bill is for Taylor's car.
Stella with the Kate Gosselin baby hair and the baby Uggs.
Some original Twilight Zone people and Rod Serling's daughter as this cast read The Masks on its 50th anniversary last night.
Wu-Tang Clan - Sydney


califblondy said...

I don't care of Orson isn't a nice guy, he's hot.

Pookie said...

you're translator's getting better, enty! almost got it right this time.

LOVE nancy travis!

awww, team taylor. love that kid.

eeep. trya is all kinds of wrong today.

ardleighstreet said...

Good eye on the elbow check, Enty!

I saw a photo of Rose in full make-up the otherday. She looked like Jack Nicholson's Joker.

Has SP Flannery been hangin' with Snoop? Just saying.

Love Rod Serling. Brillant mind and always able to scare the socks off me. Masks was always able to creep me out.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know about that Twilight Zone thing. I bet it was amazing.

MontanaMarriott said...

Oooh Enty, Me gusta mucho caundo to escribes en Espanol, jajajajaja

Sporky said...

Enty, no sabia que sabes hablar el espanol! Que chistoso eres. :)

I have a confession: I used to have the biggest crush on Rod Serling when I was a kid. Yeah I know, I'm a total freak.

RocketQueen said...

Wu Tang Clan ain't nothin' to fuck with! Yeah! Oh ODB - I miss you.

Boo to the photo showing people exploiting the camel for WHATEVER purpose. I hate that shit. I'm sure the camel is REAL happy to be in New York. Grr.

Robert Englund is looking good!

peawry said...

I am with Rocket Queen as to the camel. Please let's stop doing this to exotic animals!

Unknown said...

Like how tyra made the posters for Kourtney and Khloe 2x life size so she looked tiny next to them. Nice Tyra, nice.

lanasyogamama said...

I love the Taylors together. I hope they grow up and get married and have 10 kids.

Nadine said...

Nancy! Loved her since Three Men movies. :)

shakey said...

Sporky I had the same crush. And the French guy from Hogan's Heros. Lebeau?

I don't remember The Masks. The one that freaked me out the most was the woman who had plastic surgery on her face then screamed because she was beautiful and everyone looked like pigs.

Selock said...

So am I the only one who think the Taylors are in nothing but a cheesy publicity relationship?

__-__=__ said...

Por favor, no mas Tori Spelling. No mas! Grascias de antemano!!

figgy said...

What is going on with Jessica Capshaw's boobs there? Looks like she's wearing no bra and the spandex of her dress is smooshing them flat. ow.

Babs said...

Oh, Enty, can we get a camel, PLEASE??????? I promise I'll take care of it!!!!!!!

mooshki said...

That Taylor Swift picture is so cute! I don't think you can fake that kind of look. That's the embarrassment of young love. :)


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