Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Peak Season - Episode 3

Peak Season - Episode 3
By jax

Let me start by saying the star of tonight’s episode was a neon pink pair of Ray Bans, but more on that later.

In last week’s show, Lauren lost her job at Amsterdam Café. This week she tries her hand at promotions with her friend Fabia in The Village. Everything appears to be working out for Lauren at the event when some half drunk busybody tells Lauren that Jenelle had been “talking shit about her”, sending Lauren into a fit of mint chocolate chip rage. Words are exchanged, dirty looks follow and soon it results in a shove from Lauren to Jenelle. Lauren leaves realizing she screwed up. I hope she realizes her nose ring is from 1998. Other than that, she is starting to grow on me.

Matt, after being sent to the doghouse last week for leaving his girlfriend at a bar while he made out with another girl down the street, has decided to turn his punishment into a positive and book a dog sled trip for him and Elle. She is easy to please and seems to have forgotten about being left out in the cold outside his apartment while he gyrated to Bull Dog at some greasy watering hole in Whistler Village. Later on after dinner Matt surprises her with a room at the Westin for the night. I’m not sure what was more of a surprise, the room, or the fact she had a bikini with her for the hot tub. After a few minutes of watching them drink champagne and awkwardly fondle each other for the camera, I half expected to see a rose ceremony.

The next scene opens to what looks like George Michael in Cloisters circa ’85. No lie. Here comes Dre shooting down the mountain fully decked out in a tight, white and bright neon pink ski suit like a freaking scene out of Hot Dog – The Movie. And the topper of this fabulous outfit? One pair of hot neon pink Ray Bans. It takes a certain kind of guy to wear these things and girls around him were noticing. One tourist, visiting for the day with her mother, approaches Dre and asks, “Are you famous? Because of the pink glasses and everything.” Wow, she is sharp to pick up on that nugget through protective eyewear.
Or was it the camera crew shooting his every move 20 feet away? We’ll never know.

Meanwhile, Dre’s ex-girlfriend is at work where she is the receptionist for Dre’s mom. She gets called into her office where Dre’s mom first tells Amanda she is sorry she and Dre have broken up and the proceeds to tell her she has to cut her hours from 5 days to 2.
I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure not only is that super shady, it might even be illegal. They meet up later at the bar and Amanda confronts Dre about the girls he is flirting with. He basically makes her look a foolio and she storms off. Lesson learned. No man will ever chase after you if he has a full beer in his hand. This also goes for lap dances, a high score on Halo or a pizza delivered by Megan Fox.

D-bag Ian makes a short appearance at the gym with Scoot, where he stares at himself, comments on how he would love to have the mirrors at home and let this gem fly:
“All of our friends are good looking and in shape, it’s dope.”
Homoerotic, table for one!

This episode definitely was better than last week. My jaw didn’t ache from cringing and I didn’t want to harm myself when Ian opened his mouth. In short, after last week I wondered if this show had any more longevity than a fart in a jar, but now I that I’ve gotten past how it will look to other people outside of Canada, I can see myself quite possibly liking it. At the very least it will make a great drinking game to take a shot every time Matt says “Babe” or Lauren goes cocoa loco.

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Pookie said...

oooooh jax, interesting...so have to torrent this...i know nothing about the show but you're making me want to scope it out.


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