Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ashton Kutcher Dating Someone Already

Ashton Kutcher has been spending the holidays in Rome with Lorene Scafaria. Lorene is a writer and a pretty decent one at that. She wrote Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist. She is also supposed to be Ashton's main hookup over the past few months, including when he was still with Demi Moore and also when he was having sex with Sarah Leal. So, basically, Ashton will even cheat on the people who he is cheating with. That takes a special kind of cheater. When you have to cheat on your mistress you know you have issues.


Rita said...

Wouldn't call that dating-dating. More like casual dating. And yeah, nowadays, the casual dating entitles both people to date other potentials as well.

A bit tired of high expectancy that goes from simply say hello, to being married. Why not date for a few years. There must be a middle ground somewhere. That being said, Ashton is still a douchebag extraordinaire.

Henriette said...

Just because she can construct a sentence does not mean she has good taste in men. Since she is a writer, expect her to write something about Asshat, and how it becomes a blind.

ABlake said...

If he wants a writer he should date Taylor Swift.
She could make an entire concept album about him.

Rita said...

@ABlake (BTW, is that short for the Laurell K Hamilton series?) ^that was brilliant! I would definitely listen to THAT album!

Comma Chaser said...

Pretty sure Sarah was little more than an opportunistic booty call for Ashton.

ABlake said...

@Rita, no, it's just my (shortened) name :) I'm going to look up that series now, though! I'm always looking for new things to read

Thanks! said...

Ashton must have missed out on his early teenage years.

shehlaS said...

Maybe they have open relationships? Nothing new in Hollywood. Get with el program señor Enty.

Fawn Neun said...

I think they have an open relationshop - I think even with Demi. It's not that he cheated - it's that it went public.

And frankly, if it's okay with them, it should be okay with us. Not our business. And NOT cheating.

Jazzy said...

Wait, when did she break up with Adam Brody? Thought they were still together.

timebob said...

I guess this is why Lea couldn't force Ashton to spend NYE with her. I still love that story oh so much.

Audrey said...

Supposedly they are there with a group of people. I don't buy that they're a couple.

Seachica said...

I don't buy that they're exclusive. Dating? Sure...Asshat is going to date a lot of women. He's newly single and ready to par-tay.

Alicia said...

From now on I will only write one word on every Ashton k post


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