Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Slim Dunkin Murder Suspect Gives Himself Up To Police

Rapper Young Vito turned himself into Atlanta police and was charged with murder and gun possession charges, Vito is accused of killing fellow rapper Slim Dunkin (above), who could not decide whether he love Slim Jims or Dunkin Donuts more, over a piece of candy. Yes, you heard me right. Two grown men got into a fight over a piece of candy and one was killed and the other will probably spend the rest of his life over it. Even though 20 people witnessed the crime, none of the 20 people gave the same story as another. I don't know if this is because they were truly confused or just decided they did not want to share what happened with the police.


Rita said...

Am I the only one who's not yet numbed when confronted with Americans killing Americans? How young they are, how easily they are prone to extreme violence, and how in the world, 20 people witnessed a murder, but no one had the guts to spill the truth.

Fear of repercussion?

Diane said...


__-__=__ said...

Attention Dumb Ass Kids! You will experience adolescent conduct disorder sometime between the ages of 17-27, or there about. During this time please try not to do some dumb ass thing that will effect your life forever. Try to be cautious with your actions. Advocate non-violence among your peers. Prison food is not tasty. Private showers and bathrooms are a good thing. That is all.

Rita said...

What -+-= said!

Sherry said...

Rita, I too am stunned at how easily people kill one another. I really feel movies and television glorify violence and don't do enough to show the aftermath of that violence. If they focused more on how a family is torn apart or the awful reality of prison or a death sentence then maybe it would stop the kids on the street. Or maybe I am ust dreaming.

Sherry said...


Tempestuous Grape said...

Sounds about right.

Ms Cool said...

Sounds like an episode of The Closer.

libby said...

This reminds me of what Jon Stewart said about war. Something to the effect that if we actually saw what war looked like, instead of the casualties magically turning into a gold coin, we would be more thoughtful in our actions.

And a bunch of young people in a major city NOT cooperating with police is normal these days, unfortunately.

ChasingHeaven said...

What kind of candy?

Sherry said...

I shouldn't laugh but ChasingHeaven made me!

.robert said...

@ChasingHeaven : http://tinyurl.com/7qxhpp4

Rita said...

@ChasingHaven - Lol!

Geebz said...

Slim Dunkin?
Young Vito?

I'm immigrating.

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