Friday, December 30, 2011

Kim Kardashian Making More Than Kanye West This New Years

Kim Kardashian is making $600K to host a party in Vegas for New Years. Her wannabe fake lover Kanye West was hoping to score $1M to play on New Years but no one wants to pay him that much. OK, let us stop right there for a second. You are headed to Vegas. You want to go to a great party and want to have the best time for your $200 entrance fee. Are you a) looking forward to seeing 30 seconds of Kim Kardashian as she counts down the time to New Years or b) do you want to hear Kanye in a really small venue play some hits for 45 minutes? I don't care if you can't stand Kanye's music, you know it is going to be a lot more fun than Kim counting down. She is good at it though. She has her smile on automatic timer. Oh, and also orgasms. Watch the video.

Anyway, no one wants Kanye so he is offering to DJ, which again, would be way more interesting. He is even willing to do it at a much lower fee. No takers.


BigMama said...

Hmmmmmm I wonder if he would be willing to hang with me? I can offer him a six pack of Purple Haze and some German Chocolate Cake while we play Time Splitters on the Xbox.

annabella said...

well, not sure why kanye isn't having success w/the new year thing, but hopefully kim is at minute 14. tic toc.

la bella figura said...

Kanye deserves it after all his arrogant behaviour in the last year or so.

But still losing out to Kim K must really suck. And seriously how is having Kim K at your NYE party worth 600K?? What idiots out there are still supporting Kim K. I really hope that party crashes and burns.

Lori said...

i would muuuuch rather see Kanye...say what you want about his douche-tastic behaviour, but the man is talented.

pomme said...

Kanye West does a great and ambitious music,he's talented and he deserves every dollar

OT: he comes to every french fashion week since 3/4 years now and he doesn't want to talk to the media except to kiss a very old grandmum Lucienne

nancer said...

i don't get it. he's a top tier performer. it's amazing some rich asshole somewhere won't pony up to get him.

timebob said...

like every trend it fades, everyone clued in to the fact these "celebrities" are walled off in a VIP section they don't mingle with the crowd, take pictures or god forbid talk to you.

Nobody cares about that anymore. In this economy stay home play your own music get drunk and don't drive.

The 600k for Kim is for multiple events so it's actually going to be some work for her. I still think the owners are regrettting paying her so much. Did they not read any of the media lately about her? She isn't worth 60k. Hope the crowd boos her. I wonder the last time Paris got paid to appear anywhere? She is reduced to going to places she used to be banned from.

PM said...

if Kanye would EVER come home, Chicago would pay him. He's lost, however.

mynerva said...

Anybody know where Kim is hosting? I'd like to go and hand out rotten tomatoes at the door

Patty said...

Sounds like his assy-ness is catching up to him.

Rita said...

Kanye is an absolute genius at hosting parties. He apparently leaves his attitude at the door, and put out a show that brings the house down.

Now HE is worth a $1M.

And speaking of Kim,may I just say: THOSE ARE THE LONGEST M-THAF-CKING 15 MINUTES OF MY LIFE!!!!

@Timebob - what's that? She's worth $60K? Mind giving details....

T1 said...

This entire thing made me laugh uncontrollably.

Anonymous said...

Kanye may be a pain in the a$$, but I would gladly attend his concert over seeing HER (yuck!). You'll get your money's worth with Kanye--dude puts on a great show. SHE (blech!) just wears pee-pee and a silicon butt.

linnea said...

Bigmama - sounds great! Can I come?

Agree about Kanye putting on a show... I have never had the pleasure of being at a party that he has hosted, but his concerts are ah-mazing.

Lelaina Pierce said...

See, hearing she is getting paid this much...I don't think her 15 minutes are anywhere near the end.

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