Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Giuliana Rancic Is Back To Work

I can't decide if Giuliana Rancic came back to works two weeks after her double mastectomy because she is tough or because she had already used up her vacation time so she was not getting paid for being gone from work. Two weeks seems awfully quick to come back to work and now insurance companies and employers will probably figure out some way to use that two week window to screw over as many people as possible. For her part, Giuliana said that she missed her co-workers and thought about waiting another week because she is still stiff and sore. Maybe the other reason is she is afraid someone else will take her job. Tough to watch someone else on the screen everyday doing your job and wondering if they are getting better ratings.


EmEyeKay said...

I'd have a difficult time losing body parts, even diseased ones. I don't know how breast cancer survivors do it. I'm glad she's back at work because people know what she's been through and they can see that she's STILL HERE. I never cared for her but I've been sending her good thoughts.

And Enty probably has a point - doesn't do well to disappear in Hollywood.

Rita said...

Giuliana looks like a fighter, and yeah, in her line of business you don't want to be gone for too long, competition is ferocious.

That being said, I wish her luck. Some need time to heal emotionally, some just throw themselves back into their jobs, and try not to think about it too much.

Wish her the best of luck. And perfect health. (and admittedly, a bit more meat on her bones).

surfer said...

Yeah, but how sad that she felt she had to rush back to work and not give herself the time to heal properly. Can you imagine how uncomfortable she must be - moving her arms is probably excruciating.

I hope going back to work so soon doesn't set her back in her recovery.

Rita said...

^so true.

Patty said...

Why did her doctor release her to return??? She was probably concerned for her job. She had major surgery and needs proper time to heal.

Anonymous poster said...

I'm sure the doctor told her to take 8 weeks to recover. After all this is major surgery.

However, when not confined to a hospital bed, one is always tempted to push the limit, only when exhausted to find out that there is a reason to take it easy.

Tempestuous Grape said...

G is a hardworking woman, so I'm thinking she was sick of laying around. I really wish her the best.

Casual Observer said...

I would probably do the same thing. Work is the best medicine, in my opinion. It isn't like she digs ditches or stands on her feet all day.

I'm sure she just wants to get back to normal.

Cheryl said...

There's always someone younger and prettier just waiting for an opportunity, and Guiliana will get positive press by going back to work. I hope they are giving her light duty and she doesn't push herself to much.

jax said...'s ALL about ego with this one. I'm sorry she is ill but i still can't stand her. Of course she doesn't want someone else getting a crack at her job.

2 weeks? And this is the woman desperate to be a mom? So desperate she refused to gain the required weight to conceive. Is she going to have a newborn in daycare/ nanny 24/7?

Amartel said...

I can't believe the negativity cascade here. It's a good thing that she's back to work. People heal at different rates, even and including from major surgery like a double masectomy. She's young and healthy and likely to heal up quicker than most. The fact that she's back at work primarily would seem to indicate that she doesn't need chemo because no cancer was found. That's a good thing! Right? So what an underhanded snipey swipe at this woman to keep insisting she's only back at work to protect her job. Jealous much?It's passive-aggressive snottiness like this that makes a working environment unpleasantly and unnecessarily competitive.

Anonymous said...

^How is anyone jealous?

JoElla said...

dang blogger thingy ate my post! ggrr

Maybe she is healing faster and better than expected. One cannot know until one has a surgery.

Maybe they were able to remove all of the cancer and she doesn't need to follow up with chemo.

And maybe, just maybe going back to work and getting back to what was "normal" for her, is helping her cope.

Those are just my thoughts, and for me, getting back to a normal routine really helped me deal with having cancer. Sometimes you need to have something, anything from before cancer came in and threw a monkey wrench into your life.

I can't judge her for returning so quickly, for all we know, she got the go ahead and this is actually helping her.

Right now, she is just really dealing with the phyiscal things, and realizing she is a very lucky person.. but sadly, the real crash and burn happenes about 3 months after surgery. that is when your mind really deals with the whole "Holy shit! I had cancer and they took body parts out of me!" At least for me, I totally crashed and burned then.

I am projecting way too much here, but wanted to offer another line of thinking about her returning back to work so quickly.

figgy said...

All I can say is I feel for her. I feel even more for the women out there without good or any health insurance, or jobs without paid sick leave (I.e. A LARGE % of Americans) who find themselves in the same position.

Maja. With a J. said...

I think a LOT of women go back to work earlier than they should after health issues, surgeries, or even childbirth, in order to keep their job if they happen to have a good one that they like. Like I have said before, I am not a big fan of this one, but shit, if she wants to work, let her.

timebob said...

working takes your mind off of things. Lets face it, standing there looking pretty reading off a monitor isn't exactly the hardest job in the world.

I don't think E! would fire her the bad press would be insane. But yes, there is a line of women standing outside E! that would sleep with any producer to get her job.

She has been through a lot not being able to get pregnant now this. So good for her, hope working helps her take her mind off of things.

Jeri said...

There is no way that "jealous much" fits into this situation. What, jealous she has cancer and we don't?

And, as others said, sometimes you need the routine to help get you back to normal. Laying around idle gives you too much time to dwell on the bad aspects. Being around people and having things to do can help.

New Life and Attitude said...

My thoughts on the subject: If she felt good enough to go back to work, then so be it. It might be an escape for her rather than just sitting at home thinking about it. She might have a "high pressure" job but it doesn't seem that physically demanding (i.e., she doesn't lift or carry heavy objects). My grandmother-in-law had a double mastectomy 2 years ago at the age of 81 and it was done as an out-patient surgery! She said she wasn't even in much pain and was able to go back to her normal activities of volunteering at the senior center within a week and went back to her dance class 2 weeks later.

nunaurbiz said...

1) Some people need work to keep their minds off the trauma they've gone through.

2) How hard is it for her to stand up and speak things someone else wrote things like "And Matthew McConaghey proposed to his baby mama. Ryan?"

Most women with journalism degrees have to do things like go out and interview people, take notes, drive cars, make lots of phone calls, pick up things you drop, cart around a heavy purse and laptop, etc. But she just has to stand there and speak and get paid a lot of money. Sorry, but I don't feel sorry for her. Glad she's up on her feet, don't wish her any ill, but not feeling sorry for her.

OMAMA is BROKO said...

I don't think she takes care of herself at all.

I never really watched her and hubby's show, but caught it once (they were on some lake with kids) and her hair was visibly falling out. She had bald spots on her head!!!! And this was way prior to the cancer scare thing. She clearly doesn't eat properly, probably has a lot of stress from trying to concieve, etc. She needs to wake up and realize, nothing is going to matter if she's dead.

flip said...

I think her 'work ethic' is part of her eating disorder. If she has hair falling out of her head and her reality show quotes her fertility doctor as telling her to gain 5 lbs and she can't do it-- this chick is an anorexic.

In order to be successful in the entertainment business you need to be super disciplined about weight and body issues. That kind of super regimented lifestyle also can show up in a work ethic that doesn't quit. Think of people you know in your life who are successful - many are runners, triathletes, gym rats in addition to the hours they have to put in at work.

I think for some of the population that hard work and weight control to the extreme is related and not healthy and on the disorder end of the spectrum. She needs to heal or risks further complications. Listen to your medical professional!

Carrie L. said...

I've had four major spine surgeries - one just a few months ago - and every time I was back working in some capacity within less than two weeks. It wasn't that I really wanted to do it, but needed to in order to secure my long term employment. She's been out a lot due to health issues, and I know what it's like; you start to get paranoid that someone might take your place & your employer might be sick of accommodating you. At the same time, it sucks sitting around the house doing nothing but think about how much pain you're in. Sometimes going back to work is a "break" of sorts. So I can understand why she's back so soon. She has said in the past that E! has been very supportive of her, but what else would she say? I feel for her, and hope that she gets the rest she needs. I know from experience that the more you push it, the longer it takes to heal.

Mooshki said...

The real question is, how long until she starts eating again?

brakewater said...

"Two weeks seems awfully quick to come back to work and now insurance companies and employers will probably figure out some way to use that two week window to screw over as many people as possible."

what does this even mean? This is a lawyer writing? From now on, companies and insurance companies are going to point to E and say she did it, you have to do it?

I'm getting so tired of this new writer.

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

^^ Unfortunately, there probably ARE insurance companies who would love to be able to use her going back to work after 2 weeks as an excuse to insist that everyone do likewise, and screw you if you can't--you know there are. (FWIW, BCBS have always been decent to me, but there are so many other companies out there who just love to shaft people when they're sick and vulnerable--too bad karma isn't biting them back right now, so we can see it happening...) Anyway, I wish her well and hope that whatever she does, she heals well and goes on w/her life.

Me said...

i think she is frantic to try and "out-run" this. she seems afraid she'll miss something, and she and her husband seem very scared PERIOD. don't blame her for being scared, she's so young to have this and there's nothing to her! does she even weigh 100 lbs?? they are opening a restaurant too. she's non-stop. i get tired thinking about her days. i like her and her husband together. they seem like the real-deal. hope she beats this.

Dishtlk said...

2 weeks after my csection I was moving so well everyone assumed I'd given birth naturally. People have different pain tolerances and recovery speeds. Shes also an anchor, it would be really different if she was one of the reporters running around chasing stories all day. I know she travels and does big interviews but I can only assume for the next while at least she wil do her anchoring to keep her face out there and return to the rest of her usual work as she is able.
I'm a media employee myself and know how quickly people fight to get back, especially those that are on the air.

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