Friday, December 30, 2011

Random Photos Part Four

New Years Day card of the year.
Chris Evans visiting sick kids.
Emma Roberts starting to channel Scarlett J.
LOng time no see in the photos Halle Berry.
In this photo, Hilary Duff does not even look pregnant.
Jessica Alba on vacation with the family.
Jamie Lynn Sigler planks for Lance Bass. Or she could have passed out.
K-Fed tubing with his son.
And his daughter with Shar Jackson.
Kristen Stewart after buying $12K in rare guitars.


BigMama said...

K-Fed looks alot slimmer in that photo - perhaps I need to start wearing ski gear.

RenoBlondee said...

Hilary looks great.
Kristen looks so young in that pic.

ecua said...

@Renoblondee-you took the words right out of my mouth How old is Kristen Stewart?? She really looks like she's 13 in that pic.

RenoBlondee said...

^I think she's 22, maybe 21.

Rita said...

K-Fed DOES look skinnier! you're right. Wonder which diet program he got paid for this time.

And sigh, I don't know why, but I love me some Chris Evans. Captain America looks good, even hairy:)

pr787 said...

Stewart looks like a 13 year old dyke.

Jasmine said...

SIGH. Hopefully K Stew appreciates the guitars she's buying.

Just cause you HAVE 12k to afford rare guitars does not mean you DESERVE to own 12k worth of rare guitars.

Sometimes I feel like those with money just buy shit at random and dont really appreciate what they have.

Mooshki said...

K.Stew is so adorable when she's happy. i.e. when she's not on a red carpet.

Anotheramy said...

Are we sure thats K-Fed? Think that girl with K-Stew is her girlfriend?

linnea said...

I want to go tubing NOW!

Mel said...

That poor baby in the photo with Chris Evans. A hospital is no place for little ones. Breaks my heart.

I think Alba saw the paps and quickly went to cover her hugely fat bottom. *eye-roll* She's always so obsessed with what pregnancy does to her figure. Just enjoy your two beautiful, healthy children!

Mel said...

Oh, and speaking of bottoms - Meadow Soprano seems to have a great one! I've always liked JLS.

Rita said...

Kristen looks cute and fresh. I don't get the hatred and homophobic snide, but then again am no Twihard, or Twinot. Found her good in The Runaways. No lip biting there:)

canadachick said...

Jessica Alba had a baby 2 months ago....i hate her.....i had mine 16 years ago and i'll never look like that again LOL

Christiane said...

There's a difference between hospital visits like Chris Evans' (where pics are available from photog sources like Wireimage) and Colin Farrell's, whose presence was only detected through parents' twitter postings. Great endeavour for the latter, and kind of self-promoting for the former. (I know it happens so often in Hollywoodland, and the kids are still happy to see them, but I'm always dismayed when actors self-pimp themselves through charitable endeavours).

Rita said...

^Bah, like someone said before, the kids aren't always surrounded by their families at this time of the year, and just any visit lifts their spirits up. Imagine getting one from Captain America. Although I'm with you on the Colin train. That boy is doing a lot of good.

Rose said...

K-Fed may need to snip up his business, but he sure seems like he is a good Dad to all of his kids. Not just the rich two.

Sarah said...

I think I recall reading that KFed was on a weight loss show in Australia but was ill so had to drop out. Can't remember details

Sylvia said...

I wonderif Emma Roberts is going to turn out like her slutty aunt??

PscyoBerry hehehehe

Hilary looks cute...

pomme said...

@reader pic #1: you looks better, sexier than Hathaway in your Catwoman suit

Lelaina Pierce said...

I love someecards. :)

That pic of K-Fed and kid is awesome.

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