Friday, December 30, 2011

Four For Friday - Cleaning Out The Desk

You never know what kind of gems you will turn up as you clean your desk or look at old notes you have written. These are the last blind items of 2011. On Sunday, the reveals start at 915am Pacific Time and continue every fifteen minutes until they are finished.

#1 - Which of the Two Broke Girls has the habit of calling every guy she dates babe even if it is date #1. She started this a few years ago when she was dating a few guys at once and was afraid she would call the person by the wrong name.

#2 - This "ashamed parent" has been looking really good lately. Wonder if they are hooking up with their trainer again.

#3 - This Big Bang Theory actor was in a relationship with someone and got the phone number of a woman who was not who he was dating. The woman wrote the phone number on the actor's hand in an ink that did not wash off for four days. He covered the number in a bandage the entire time. Said he got cut.

#4 - Which big celebrity couple of 2011 broke up because the guy could not stop hooking up with their threesome partner?

#5 - Speaking of threesomes, this celebrity couple consisting of a former Disney star and her very good looking actor boyfriend have talked about a threesome but cannot decide on someone.

#6 - Oh, one more threesome story. JFK and Frank Sinatra had a threesome with which actress. No, not Marilyn Monroe.

#7 - Which NCIS actor got tricked into calling the Dept of Public Health because they had supposedly called to tell him news of a recent partner who had an STD. It was set up by another cast member and our actor spent 20 minutes trying to find out who called him from there and progressively freaking out about what he might have caught. It was not until he saw everyone laughing that he caught on.

#8 - Just because your wife is "due" does not mean you can't spend some quality time in a strip club with your friends.

#9 - Which hard working A list rapper dumped a woman because she would not get off birth control while dating him.


MM said...

#5 - Miley and Liam

FrenchGirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
canadachick said...

1. the dark haired one?
3. Johnny Gelako
4. ashton/demi
5. vanessa hudgens and her new bf
6. ava garnder?
8. Robert downey jr..due being his movie Due date?
9. no clue

hopeful?hopeless? said...

I call everybody "babe"-whether I'm dating them or not. I'm like Kojack.

DixieTheNoble82 said...

I'm so bad at these but here it goes:

1) The blond one (No idea what her name is)

2) I was thinking SJP & MB were the answer to that blind but SHE absolutely could never be described as looking "great" IMO.

3) No idea

4) Jho & Marc (Don't know who was doing the hooking up thou..)

5) Miley & Liam

6) ?

7) ?

8) Hova

9) NOOOOO idea. That doesn't even seem real.

FrenchGirl said...

1:i don't care
2:no idea
3: wash with a good soap guy!
4: Ashton/Demi?
5: Demi L / Wilmer V?
6:Ava Gardner? Mia Farrow?
7: the person who did this joke is an idiot!
8: no idea
9:P Diddy/Cassie?

10:19 AM

DixieTheNoble82 said...

LoL @hopeful - me too. said...

9. Lil' Wayne said...

#8 is Jay Z

amazonblue said...

#3 Johnny Galeki. He was in a relationship w/ Kaley C.

#6 Shirley McClaine or Angie Dickinson.

#8 Jay-Z.

DixieTheNoble82 said...

@brendalove - I thought Lil Wayne for #9 also, I think because of his 'How To Love Video'. said...

@Dixie - I thought it was him because he has 2,000 babymommas so he needs to add another to his collection....LOL!

Reese said...

Please make sure ALL of these are in the big reveal on Sunday, Enty. We've been waiting so long for this day, please make is as great as last Fourth of July was.

I hope 2012 is better than our wildest dreams in all ways for all of us. Thanks for another year of wonderful Enty! Cheers, everyone!

DixieTheNoble82 said...

@Brendalove - bahah! Touche'!

RenoBlondee said...

4 A Rod and Cameron?
5 Miley and Liam
8 JZ

Cheryl said...

@amazonblue: My first guess was Angie Dickinson. Shirley would have told us all by now.

My friends and I started calling everyone babe back in college and we never stopped. Most conversations end with, Ok babe, love ya babe, gotta go babe.

Bring on the reveals and happy new year People of CDAN!

danatestingsite said...

#1 - I'll guess Kat Dennings because she's the one I know.
#4 - Ashton and Demi?
#5 - Miley and Whatshisface?
#8 - Jay-Z and Beyonce?

katie said...

I think 6 is Angie as well.

MontanaMarriott said...

1. Kat Denning
2. Kim Basinger or Alec Baldwin
3.Johny Galecki
4.Demi and Ashton
5.Miley or Demi
6.Ava Gardner or Jayne Mansfield
7. ???
8. Jay-Z, due because rumored to be a fake pregnancy
9. Lil Wayne, who insists on populating the world with his seed

katie said...

I think 6 is Angie as well.

katie said...

Could #2 be Alec Baldwin?

QueenB said...

1: Kat Dennings
2: No idea
3: Johnny Galeki
4: Ashton and Demi--Is the new lady he has been with the threesome partner?
5: Miley and Liam
6: No idea
7: I don't watch this show, so I have no clue.
8: Jay-Z
9: Lil Wayne? That's a random guess, but it seems like it fits with hard working.

strawberrygirl said...

I think my head just exploded. There's so many!

Enty can you please reveal what two former co-stars are now living together!

califblondy said...

I gotta go with Angie for #6. I can't imagine Mia Farrow during the Sinatra years going for that. Maybe now since the whole Woody fiasco, but not back then.

Andrea said...

Ava Gardner or Anita Eckberg for the JFK/Sinatra threesome actress.

studio gulag -- said...

Angie Dickinson is so #6.

The Bitch Next Door said...

#6. Angie Dickinson

my glass slippers kick ass said...

I got that Enty is saying #2 "ashamed parent" is the same person as his recent blind about having a special needs child. That said, I still don't have a guess for it.

DixieTheNoble82 said...

@MGSKA - 1st of all, I love your handle (is that the right way to say internet name?). 2nd, I got the same from #2.

Vikingwench said...

#7- this disturbs me, because I love NCIS, and all the male cast members are married. I hope it's really NCIS-LA. Oh, and I don't think any of the older guys would be naive enough to fall for this, so one of the younger guys. It it's true at all.

nunaurbiz said...

OT: Official that Katy Perry/Russell Brand kaput

Lori said...

1. Kat Dennings (I HATE when people call each other babe..ughh)
2. Alec Baldwin.. old as heck, but he has been looking pretty hot lately
3. Kunal Nayyar
4. Ashton/Demi
5. Miley...
6. no idea
7. no idea
8. Hova
9. Lil Wayne

Snakeoiler said...

Number 8: Ben Affleck.

Snakeoiler said...

And, I can't believe that no one guessed Ben before me, even if he's not the right answer. Doesn't anyone have a sense of history here?

Bit dams said...

"JFK and Frank Sinatra had a threesome", OMG!!! really? no. really???

Mark said...

For #8, I think "due" is in quotation marks because it's a fake pregnancy, which would make the answer Jay-Z.

Mark said...

Or, if this is from the past year, John Travolta.

Dishtlk said...

lol snakeoiler, i thought that too!! Ben Affleck is the answer for all of these, even the female actress that JFK and Sinatra shared. He's like the Chuck Norris of blind items!

headrot said...

#4 russell brand and katy perry

Katie said...

#2: Billy Ray Cyrus, of course.

Katie said...

Ben Affleck is the one guess that can be applied to any male BI. Dakota Fanning is his female counterpart.

DixieTheNoble82 said...

@Dishtlk - lmao.

Linnea said...

The only one I "know" for sure is JayZ. I mean its gotta be him.

What about the "ashamed"? Is that really a reference to the parents with a special needs kid ,or something else?

Unknown said...

I wonder if we'll get an answer to the Korean singer blind...I wonder if my guesses are right.

Hazeldazel said...

ashamed = nicole kidman?

DixieTheNoble82 said...

@Unknown - I like the Nicole guess!

Maja With a J said...

#6 is really quite scandalous! And kind of hot...*L*

Rose said...

I just saw on ONTD that Rebecca Gayheart & Eric Dane had their baby on the 28th. A possible #8?

Bit dams said...

was telling my dad about #6. he said sinatra told people he had slept w/ 2 first ladies. so i'm going to say Jackie O.

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