Friday, December 30, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

Mariah Carey's twins won the worst celebrity baby names of 2011. Alicia Silverstone's kid came in a close second.
Michael Jordan announced his engagement to his girlfriend of three years. She likes Hanes.
Russell Brand meets women on a chat line.
Ryan Gosling after MMA class and
Perhaps you are more of a Simon Baker fan.
Rod Stewart gets ready for St. Patrick's Day.
Snooki goes red. Everywhere if you know what I mean.
Vanessa Hudgens gets her drink on after some serious dry humping of her boyfriend.


canadachick said...

Guess Russell was calling his lawyer - DIVORCE papers filed

Cheryl said...

Simon Baker!

timebob said...

why is Vanessa still considered famous she has done nothing of any note since the last HSM.

Del Riser said...

Simon Baker is one of the few blonde men that I find attractive, also Daniel Craig, but Simon Baker is so hot he makes my ankles sweat!

.robert said...

Stewart must be happy that Celtic are on top of the league table currently.

BigMama said...

Ohhh La-la....who knew Simon Baker had such rippling muscles under those frumpy suits? Not I

RenoBlondee said...

Awww, the twins are very cute though.
Ryan looks yummy!

ecua said...

Why is Vanessa Hudgens dressed like a long lost member of Salt n Peppa, circa 1990??

KP said...

Those twins are the worst names of the year but they are also the CUTEST of the year!!!!

Ryan Gosling = YES!

Jac said...


JasonBlueEyes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JasonBlueEyes said...

I just got Russell's latest book for Christmas and let's just say that anybody who starts a book with a 20 page detailed account of the first time they fucked Kate Moss is probably not one to be happy with married life. I need to get in touch with Russell now and find out where he's hanging out for New Year's Eve. Wherever he is, I want to hang with him. It's going to make hanging out at Charlie Sheen's house look like Sunday afternoon inside a nursing home.

Katy well presumably spend New Year's Eve in Hawaii. I'm sure when anybody asks Russell what he plans on doing that night night he'll say: 'Every single young female tart I see. That's a right jolly good thing, innit?'

Rita said...

I agree, endless sighs over Ryan Goseling. God that boy wears his jeans well.

@timebob - I can't believe anyone would pay for Vanessa pictures. I think most people are quite "Meh" when it comes to her.

Jasmine said...

Those babies ARE cute but come on- fucking MOROCCAN?!?! What was she (and you know it was all Mariah) thinking when she chose that name?

I could see Morocco or Morocca but ending it with the 'n' just makes it sound so un-human like. It's as though she named the kid a Cost Plus living room piece. Tacky and unrealistic. She's a moron.

Monroe isnt that bad.

Jasmine said...

btw- I dont know how i feel about Snooki getting more media attention/pap pics everywhere since she lost some weight off her already dimunitive frame.
But I dont think I like it.

Even Enty is showing more pics of her lately. Way to reward extreme weight loss dude.

Mooshki said...

Oh, Gosling... Sigh...

linnea said...

I know I am in the minority here, but I would much rather hang out with Russel Brand than Ryan Goslin. I know, I know, it is sick.

Beth said...

I don't know, linnea.

Goslin is pretty, but Brand seems far more interesting and fun.

Rita said...

@linnea - it is sick!!!! Why don't you like the Gos? He's hot, he's blond, he seems faithful to his girlfriends, he plays the guitar, he sings, he's hot:)

Russel Brand was hot in that Getting Over Sarah Marshal Movie. He was ribbed, and hilarious.

linnea said...

I do like the Gos! I want him to hold my hand and tell me nice things. But after dark I would rather hang out with Russell. He seems just so much... dirtier.

ChasingHeaven said...

So.....Dry humping? Is that a reveal?

Rita said...

^hahaha, talk about accidental posting! @Linnea talks about dirty sex, then right after @ChasingHeaven is talking dry humping!

@Linnea - The Gos is dirty. You should watch that Best Kiss win for The Notebook, check out the front of his jeans, he doesn't pack light.

linnea said...

Haha, gotta go back and do that... I also love how you all interpreted "hang out" as "have sex".

Not saying you were wrong.

Rose said...

JasonBlueEyes, where is the cliff notes version on that story? 20 pages? Wow.

I don't care for the name Moroccan but I love the name Monroe. I, like Mariah Carey, am a big Marilyn Monroe fan.

Unknown said...

I love Russell Brand, underneath the bluster & the hair, seems a sweet sensitive guy. Google the tribute to Amy Winehouse, a smart, thoughtful, attractive man, who can crack you up & be fun to hang out with!

Sarah said...

I've met Russell and he is HOT

Maja. With a J. said...

"Hey Girl. I've been to Sweden, but you make the best meatballs I've ever had".

I love Russell Brand though. I'd bang him 'til the cows come home. Or whatever the kids say these days.

Lelaina Pierce said...

That's a pretty random Christmas card.

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