Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Danny Gokey Getting Married

Even in this ridiculously slow news period, I am not normally one to talk about engagements, let alone someone who was just an American Idol finalist, but for Danny Gokey I will make an exception. Danny was a finalist on American Idol and his wife died three years ago after routine surgery. In her honor he established a charity called Sophia's Heart and Danny works at it tirelessly. Another class act is that instead of wedding gifts for he and his new bride, he wants guests to make a donation to the charity he established for his late wife. I wish them the best.


Rita said...

Good for him!

Enty if full of Christmas goodness today. First Colin, and now Gokey.

Ms Cool said...

I'm from Wisconsin and by all accounts, he is very nice. This is such good news.

Chrissy Buns said...

Congratulations, he seems like an awesome guy! I hope his new wife doesn't feel like she is living in the deceased wife's shadow, though. That would be sad. Wishing them the best!

LeeLee said...

Good for him! His season of Idol was one of my favorites. He didn't come across that well on the show but seems like a decent guy now.

RenoBlondee said...

Now I feel bad. On his year of Idol I could not stand this guy. He came off as so smug and so smarmy, yuck.
Anyway, good to hear he's doing good things.

Seachica said...

@Chrissy - I worry about that too. I hope he loves his new wife as much as his deceased one, and he gives the new wife the attention and affection she deserves.

If he does, then she must be pretty amazing too - it's a very selfless act for her to be happy passing up the gifts for his charity. I have a friend who remarried after his first wife passed away, and the new wife has been wonderful about integrating the first wife's memory into their lives. So it does happen, and when it does, you know you've found someone precious.

iffy said...

He came to a school I work at in the inner city. He sang for the kids, signed a ton of stuff, talked to everybody, and hung out long after the cameras were gone. Danny Gokey is a class act. I wish him all the best!

Anonymous said...

He came across a bit bad during his Idol season but by all accounts, he's a nice guy. I wish him and his fiancee well. Though how is she going to feel about his tattoo with his deceased wife's name in the middle?

MadLyb said...


BinkyM said...

@MadLyb, it was all spelled out for you. What part couldn't you grok? Even I got it.

What I CAN'T figger out is "wedding gifts for he." Lawers (presumably) have educations, and whoever composes these posts hasn't one , so I call bullshit on the "entertainment lawyer" shenanigans. The author is a lawyer like I'm an MMA champ!

BinkyM said...

*Lawyers. Damn iPods to hell!

Lelaina Pierce said...

Good for him. He seemed like a good guy.

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