Thursday, December 29, 2011

Justin Bieber Acts 17 - Enjoys Raptor Cheerleaders

It looks like Justin Bieber enjoyed his visit to see the Toronto Raptors game. Well, not so much for the basketball, but for the cheerleaders. Like many 17 year old boys he does seem transfixed by watching them. He will probably tell Selena that he was watching them so closely because he was scouting dancers for his next tour and will have to hold private auditions at his place to make sure he finds just the right ones. He then will make sure to travel to every strip club he can find to make sure he has looked high and low for every dancer in Canada.


ABlake said...


grrr, why can't this kid just dress like a 17 yr old? I guess he didn't get a belt for Christmas, either.

Rita said...

Why are we surprised he's behaving like a normal horny 17 year old? At that age, aren't they ALL obsessed with with sex?

Heck, I know some 47 year olds that still are!

Seachica said...

@rita - we are surprised because Ted has us convinced all celebrity guys are gay. How refreshing to see Justin acting like a straight teenager!

Rita said...

@Seachica - Ha, you're right! Oddly enough, if I remember correctly the Ted blind where JB is a top contender, it was a heterosexual one where he rocked some starlet's trailer. Go figure!

Missjenny619 said...

It doesn't really seem to me that he is looking at those girls at all. In the first photo he looks bored, not lusty. And in the second photo, he doesn't seem to be focused on them either.

Of course the cheerleaders recognize him and are shakin' their shit directly in front of him, hoping for a reaction. Duh.

Why am I commenting on anything about this wimpy little brat again? Sheesh, bored at work...

timebob said...

I think the other two guys look like they want to jump on the cheerleaders. Justin looks amused by them.

Seachica said...

@ABlake - Justin IS dressing like a teenager. That's how alot of them dress around here. You might not like it, but it's very in with the teeny set.

What must it be like to be Justin and to know that you can have almost any one of the cheerleaders if you want? A normal teenage boy would be lusty but think he has no chance with them. Like it or not, Justin could bag any one of them, because of his celebrity.

*sigh* That's how we get messed up celebrity personalities, folks.

Susan said...

No offense, Enty, but your posts today are like so not riveting. Maybe on slow news days you should just stick with blinds and photos? Or better yet, REVEALS!!!!

Jasmine said...

MissJenny- I saw the EXACT same thing- how funny!

In both he does look disinteresting/bored and unfocused. Just because his head is facing in the same direction as the cheerleader's asses, doesnt mean he is fixated on them.

And in the 2nd pic, if you look at the 2 other guys next to Bieber- THEY look much more interested in what's happening, compared to him.

Lancer said...

NFL cheerleaders are way hotter.

Mina said...

I think a teenage girl would have behaved the same way if a few good looking boys with hot bodies were jumping around in front of her.

Like it or not, Justin could bag any one of them, because of his celebrity.

I want to believe that not every girl/woman can be bought or is after fame and money. A lot of them have dignity and pride.

Seachica said...

We aren't talking about any woman - these are cheerleaders. You can't assume they don't have dignity and privde, but you can assume that they're comfortable using their looks and sexuality in their job. I'll take a leap and say that many of them would be the types to jump at the chance to sleep with a celebrity.

Alicia said...

The pic I saw of what appeared to be Jake G. checking out a girls butt at a game looked WAY more interesting than this! He barely looks amused. And what's with the post?! Slow news day?;)

JasonBlueEyes said...

Ha Ha. I love the way he's glaring at that blond cheerleader in the first photo. I'll bet he pictured her there all alone with a spotlight on her and he imagined a shower of red roses emerging from her chest like they did from Mena Suvari in "American Beauty."

Or am I the only one that imagines that when I see a cheerleader at a ball game?

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