Thursday, December 29, 2011

Random Photos Part Three - All Reader Photos

Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3 (with Bill Murray)
Reader Photo #4
Reader Photo #5
Reader Photo #6
Reader Photo #7
Reader Photo #8
Reader Photo #9 (with Dick Van Dyke)
Reader Photo #10


Mina said...

Reader photo #4 without mentioning the great Eric Martin in it??? Blasephemy!!!

califblondy said...

Wow! Great pictures today.

Somebody looks awfully handsy with Mr. Murray. Lucky you.

#8 is effin' awesome.

RenoBlondee said...

MORE beautiful readers! Hi all!

Rita said...

Hello Readers!

#3 you met Murray! How awesome was he??

#6 yahhoooooo!

BigMama said...

Love this set, so many fun ones in there.

OT - sorta....Mr. Bill Murray was seen recently around my tiny town. Went to a ball game and took pictures. Turns out he has property nearby. I am seriously bummed I didn't get to see him when he was just 100 yards from my own house!

Me said...

um, #6; AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! wow, feel a jump in my tummy just looking at that! where were you?

mngddess said...

Does anyone know where #1 was taken?

#6 - You have GUTZ.

Great photos!

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

#6 What exactly are you doing? I can't even identify what's going on there!

Seachica said...

Stunning readers! #2 - there is something majestic about you. That's the only word I could find that does it justice.

I love how Enty groups the photos together in a theme. Brilliant job including #9's Kamikaze sign in with the photos of people traveling/being adventurous.

SkittleKitty said...

I think #1 was taken at Hampton Court Palace near London. Looks very similar anyway.

hotchacha said...

Reader photos rock!

Sis Cesspool said...

OK, reader #3. Where did you meet Bill? He's a fav of mine!

Rita said...

^I think it's on Lainey that there is a whole section of Billy Murray weird encounters. He shows up at a neighborhood party, and just hangs!

BigMama said...

@Rita - that is EXACTLY what he did, it was crazy! I know he pops in periodically but he just showed up at this random football game and stayed the whole time. Even rooted for the home team. Took billions of pictures and left.

Anonymous said...

Loving all the pics. #8: totally digging your style!

chopchop said...

Reader #5 -- are you in Pabst City??? Without revealing too much, DH's boss owns that (or owned, as he is dead now)!

And I love LOVE that pic with Bill Murray. He's one of my favorite people on earth. I love that story about him going toe to toe with Chevy Chase ... and yelling at him, "Medium talent!"

Sherry said...

And what you do in the privacy of your own pants is no ones business #6..Oh how I would love to bungy if only I weren't askeert of heights. LOVING the belly dancer. ChopChop: What's the Chevy and Bill story? I haven't heard that one. Overall excellent pics.

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

#2: I think I have the same haircut as you (probably about the same color, too, minus the gray in mine), but it looks so much better on you!

chopchop said...

@Sherry, here's a link about the fight. Bill Murray & Chevy Chase are #8:

Bad Ass Momma said...

# 2 here. Robin trust me there is a lot of gray in there. And @ seachica thank you, an amazing compliment.

nienhulm said...

So much awesome here. #6 has cajones of steel!

biteme said...

I am the woman in #4!

Hey Mina, do you live in the bay area? I have known Eric for longer than I care to mention!

The Black Cat said...

Sigh, so jealous of the photos with celebrities. My New Years resolution will be to get my photo taken with a celebrity in 2012 dammit!

ReacherB said...

#6 is ME I was in south Africa last month and did the worlds highest bungee jump, and I just said, I'm going for it and did a total swan dive off. It was the most amazing experience of my life!!!

MadLyb said...

Loving the reader photos. The first photo is amazing. And so is the bungee photo, but it made my stomach drop. Actually, all the photos are great. And I'm jealous of the gal with Bill Murray. Lovely, lovely readers!

The celebrity photos can get old - pap shots aren't all that interesting unless someone is caught en flagrant délit.

Stallis Garden Gal said...

@chopchop Yep, I'm #5, in the Mil, lived here all my life, but they finally opened the old Brewery buildings and being a HUGE fan of Pabst, had to go!
And DH? Who now in the what? :)

Thanks Enty for posting my pic! Can't wait for reveals!!!

keks said...

Reader #8, what a beautiful picture and pose!!!

Lelaina Pierce said...

@ReacherB - You have balls of steel! :)

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