Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kendra & Holly Hate Crystal Harris

After reports surfaced last week that Crystal Harris wanted custody of the dog that they bought together but that she abandoned and has not visited, Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson have both come out and supported their former boss and assembly line lover. Kendra called out Crystal for giving the dog to Hef and leaving the dog with Hef for months and then just now deciding she wants it back. Holly says the only reason Crystal is doing it is because she is just wanting more fame. I think she would also like a couple of bucks. I don't think Dr. Phil's son is taking care of her quite the way she expected.


mynerva said...

Jeez, I never thought anyone could make these two broads look classy. Congrats Crystal!!

crila16 said...

From my personal experience, when you have a dog/cat that you absolutely and completely love, you DO NOT give it up unless you have no choice...and even then it's torture. You do not give it up, act like it's all good, not beg to see the pet all the time and then come back months later and want the dog back all of a sudden. That's complete BS and I'm on Kendra and Holly's side for this one.

Mel said...

Silly women, all of 'em! I do secretly love thinking it KILLS Holly that, of the three ex-"girlfriends," Kendra's the most successful.

BigMama said...

it's like a Hello Kitty fight

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

Team Kendra/Holly/Hef on this one--as crila16 said, you don't abandon an animal for months like that and then suddenly decide you want it back "just because", and it wouldn't matter who all the participants in this particular drama are--you just don't treat animals like that. *looks over at sleeping kittycat* Nobody owes Crystal anything, and she needs to just go away.

Alicia said...

I would never leave my dog in a million years!

This woman is a parasite.

Mel said...

P.S. I may have snarked on these gals, but I agree with the posters sticking up for the doggy friend. Pets grow attached to their homes and families, just as humans do. Crystal is a nasty piece of work. She obviously cares nothing about the dog and just wants to "win" this one.

Anonymous said...

It's rich that Holly would accuse someone of "attention-seeking."

Seachica said...


Amy in MI said...

My ex and I share custody of our dog. He makes about 4x what I make and takes care of her needs but I can see her whenever I want. She's my baby girl and I rescued her almost 2 years ago next week!

misspoppypants said...

I read an article where Hef seemed hopeful they could come to some arrangement and offered to let her keep the ring and car. I think that bitch is manipulatin'. There's no classy way out of this for Hef. Man up, dude, she publicly emasculated you which you made worse by defending yourself in public. Give her the finger and keep the dog. Totally within your power. Anytime you want your balls back, please take them so we wont have to hear about this tired shit anymore. No way in hell anyone would even think about taking my dog even for a walk.

MadLyb said...

Instead of uprooting the dog, she might consider adopting a rescue dog. There are so many animals locked up that need someone to love them. This does sound like a ploy to get back into the spotlight, and I'd bet a week's salary that her agent put her up to it.

KittensRUs said...

Holly and Kendra are right on this one. At this point, you have to feel sorry for Hef. He sounds very lonely. I know he created it, but I still feel for the guy. At least let him keep the dog!

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