Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Meet The Guy Who Started The Jon Bon Jovi Death Hoax

Jeffrey Goho of Pennsylvania gave an interview about why he started the death rumor about Jon Bon Jovi. He says it is because of the way Bon Jovi does things other than play music. Well, yes, I can see why someone who does not want to do the same thing 24/7 for his whole life would make you want to tell the world he is dead. That is the strangest thing I have heard in a long time. Not the strangest thing I have thought about in a long time though because last night I had this horrific image of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise attempting to have sex. So, that is going to win the strange contest in my mind for quite some time.

Goho says he is sorry that he started the rumor. I don't believe him though because his band got publicity out of it. He has also received a boatload of nasty e-mails.


Rose said...

I never even heard the rumor. The first I heard of it was on here, with JBJ saying he was alive.

Rita said...

Not enough. He must pay. People have been getting away with too much on Twitter and Facebook, including DEATH threats. Time to take charge of the new way of communication, and apply all legals to the fullest. Especially the death threats!

Patty said...

Thanks for that image, blah!

timebob said...

people do these stupid things without ever thinking of the man's family. How many of his extended family read it without knowing it wasn't true.

If Madonna can have one guy arrested for leaking her song. This kind of thing should have legal ramifications also.

Suhyphen said...

Oh gee, he has a band.

figgy said...

Darn this image of Katie and Tom, now stuck in my brain!!

Susan said...

Oh, fuck this guy.

I sometimes think Twitter and Facebook are the damnation of our world today.

Lelaina Pierce said...

So...this guy is pissed because BJB has other money making endeavors beside music making? As if he's the first musician to "sell out"? Please. It's funny what people will say about that until they actually get similar opportunities.

Lelaina Pierce said...

**JBJ, not BJB, although Bon Jon Bovi would be an awesome JBJ impersonator name!

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