Friday, December 30, 2011

Random Photos Part One - All Reader Photos

Five parts today.

Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
Reader Photo #5
Reader Photo #6
Reader Photo #7
Reader Photo #8
Reader Photo #9
Reader Photo #10
Reader Photo #11
Reader Photo #12
Reader Photo #13
Reader Photo #14
Reader Photo #15 (with David Duchovny)


canadachick said...

beautiful readers !!

Oh and Russell Brand filed for divorce from Katy Perry - TMZ has the divorce papers

mngddess said...

Reader Photo #2 - hat are you doing with my cat?

Reader #5's photo is hilarious!

DixieTheNoble82 said...

I LOVE #1!

mngddess said...

and @canadachick - go Flyers!!!!!!!


Amartel said...

Honey badger don't care.
Love that.

Del Riser said...

Great reader photos, #15, you are beautiful, and I hope that is a hazmat jacket you are wearing.

Karmen said...

Thanks, Dixie! I'm #1 the honey badger. I made the hat by hand. I ran backwards and everything for the full effect. Squee!!

DixieTheNoble82 said...

@Karmen - You did an awesome job. Hilarious!

Seachica said...

#14 here! I took the photo at Angkor Wat (my big 40th b-day trip!). After seeing photo #15, I wish I were sticking my tongue out at David Duchovney instead. I had the biggest crush on him when XFiles was on.

BigMama said...

#14 - you got some mad skills girl!

Love them all, great photos.

Honey Badger, you are my new hero!

Robert said...

@Karmen: You always have the best pictures! I had to go watch that Honey Badger video again--awesome!
#9: To paraphrase Karmen: "Glitter makes any mask fabulous!"
Glad to see romance is alive in photo #10.
Love ALL these pictures!

RenoBlondee said...

Hi readers! What fun!

Karmen said...

Robert - Thanks! And dude, AWESOME memory! My "Glitter makes any sign FABULOUS" sign was my crowning glory of 2010. So glad that mantra has inspired other people, hehe.

Texshan said...

"Honey badger don't care. Honey badger don't give a shit." LOVE it!

Rita said...

Hey beautiful readers.

I am number 4.

Please forgive the sans fard, and sans blow-out picture, took it quickly and send it before I lost my nerve.

cecilia250 said...

I think I was probably influenced (strangely) by picture #1, but when I first looked at reader(s) #3, I thought they were wearing (awesomely crazy) hats. Then I was sad they're just nice normal people.

JasonBlueEyes said...

Hi Rita and gang.

blankprincess said...

Great pictures, guys!

DixieTheNoble82 said...

I think your photo is gorgeous, @Rita. Just like all of the CDAN-ers!

(PS - thanks for the tip! I swear I've been so eager to put a face to your name especially!)

Chrissy Buns said...

@Rita, you don't need fards and a blow out, you're so purty! And yes, I did get a kick out of the honey badger!

Trixie said...

#6, are you at Mother's during a Ravens game?

WBotW said...

#10: SO beautiful!!!!

The Black Cat said...

#15 - I have to ask, did he try to get you in bed?

Jasmine said...

Reader(s) #10, whoever you are, this picture made me smile. What a happy shot.

Reader #12, I dont get what's happening- are you somebody famous I dont realize? Why are you on a red carpet thing?

Reader #15- come on, give it up. I know David Duchovny hit on you :))
Btw was he really THAT skinny in real life as he looks in this picture?! Dude is a walking horny skelteton.

Felicite said...

Excuse me READER#15 your posing with my husband? I hope he didn't get fresh with you?

LOL! Joking I am just an absolute fan of Californication and terribly jealous.

Mooshki said...

I love it, Karmen!

Mina said...

I just thought to myself I think it's funny to see that a lot of readers resemble celebrities and when I scrolled to the end of that entry I almost jumped out of my chair and thought Oh my God, one even looks like David Duchovny!!!! hahahaha

linnea said...

Reader #15 - did David try to hit on you? :P Is he as hot in real life?

Rita said...

Aah, thank you @DixieTheNoble & @Chrissy Buns, that's sweet! And yeah, I wanna know too if Duchovney hit on Reader 15... Or was Tea not for to the side?

surfer said...

Hi Rita (and everyone else!) - it's nice to put a face to a name (and no, I didn't submit my pic).

Doc's Girl said...

Hi everyone--my husband and I are #10. I met him 2 years after my parents passed away suddenly (when I was 22) which lead me to coping with alcohol and, essentially, a nervous breakdown. By the time I met him, I had been sober for approximately 7 months and he had every reason to run in the other direction. I even viewed myself as "damaged goods" and wondered who would want to date me. Instead, he stayed...and supported me through everything...and helped me get back on track. He really is my best friend and my guardian angel (because all of my friends/family bailed on me when I got sober). I'm now in graduate school, working towards becoming a substance abuse counselor (with almost 6 years of sobriety under my belt)...and we just got married in October. I wore a red wedding dress because I'm Indian and that is the traditional bridal color. It was a beautiful day in many ways. :-)

Just wanted to let everyone know that dreams do come true...and true love stories exist. :)

Thanks, everyone, for the wonderful comments...:) Thank you, Enty and all of the readers for making me laugh and smile. Thank you, celebrities, for giving me many more reasons to stay sober! :-P

Principessa said...

Wow, Rita you look like Lady Godiva, I wish I looked that hot au naturelle.

I'm lucky #7, definitely NOT sans fards and blowout.

surfer said...

Wow, doc's girl - what a story. Good for you for persevering and being open to love. Now I need a Kleenex! And gorgeous pic.

juicy said...

I'm #6... @Trixie, nope, not a Ravens game, but here in Seattle/Tacoma. Our Triple A baseball team (oddly enough owned by Nick Lachey) has Thirsty Thursdays where beer is $1. We all get together nearly every Thursday evening in the summer for the beer. I mean, for the game.

EmEyeKay said...

@Rita - I'm so happy to know what you look like, and you look cute!

Rita said...

Thank you guys! I feel better about the no make-up pic.

Holy cow Principessa, now YOU are pretty!

EmEyeKay, thks chica! It's weird to put faces on people we have discussions with every day, that are at times more heated, AND meaningful than with colleagues at work.

Rita said...

Doc's Girl - your story gave me chills. Congrats on staying sober, and hope you and your guardian angel lead a happy fulfilling life together.

lalazz said...

Everyone looks unique and beautiful!

Karmen and Robert--I remember too! The Rally To Restore Sanity! Right? I sure hope so! Hahaha..happy new year!

Lelaina Pierce said...

@Karmen - LOVE your costume!

@Doc's girl - What a beautiful story (and picture)!

I am #9. My husband, friends and I went to a masquerade ball for NYE and that is my DIY mask.

C. Maria said...

@Doc's Girl your dress in that photo is GORGEOUS!

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