Sunday, March 18, 2018

Blind Item #7

Shocking to say the least, but that medical facility in the African country the church used for their drug trials is trying to totally change their image and presenting to the world they are this wonderful place full of sunshine and light and beloved by celebrities instead of the death machine they have been.


Geeljire said...

So I hate to say which one, as I'm acquainted with several:

Geeljire said...

“Thirteen Months of Sunshine”
“13 Months of Sunshine” goes a popular Ethiopian tourism slogan. Ever wondered what it means?
A brochure lures visitors with a promise to “Come to Ethiopia and enjoy 13 months of sunshine.”
“The Thirteenth Sun”, a novel by Dagachew Werku was a meditation on Ethiopian society as it was in the 1960s when the slogan “Thirteen Months of Sunshine” became popular.
“Thirteen Months of Sunshine” has long been a slogan of pride to Ethiopians for over 50 years.
For thirteen months, every single day, be it summer or winter, rain, shine or gloom the sun comes out to salute the people of Ethiopia.

Woyane falls soon.

Lunchpaillefty said...

Those nutty Mormans. But probably Scientologists.

Lunchpaillefty said...

Good food though.

Geeljire said...

Israeli mining magnate Beny Steinmetz has labelled George Soros “nuts” and accused him of smashing his company’s hopes of developing a giant iron ore mine in Guinea.

Mr Steinmetz, giving testimony to an arbitration panel in Paris between BSG Resources and the government of Guinea, said Mr Soros, the famous investor and philanthropist, spent “$40-50m out of his own pocket to destroy me”.

Geeljire said...


Geeljire said...

There was a CIA biowarfare post at Kagnew if you know your history. Been defunct for awhile (OR IS IT?)

Geeljire said...

South Africa:

Geeljire said...

There is a proverb there:
"Any king that reigns this day is my king, and any sun that shines is my sun."

T. W. said...

So many...

Lunchpaillefty said...

Why do Rastafarians worship their dead Emperor?

Geeljire said...

Sometimes a psyop is just a psyop

Dusty Fairy said...

Wow. I’ve read these posts before, but they are so hard for me to wrap my head around.

AkhaldanSolo said...

Getting closer Bob.

Bob's drug company is Pharmacyclics.

Janssen (w Johnson & Johnson) is a partner with them on Imbruvica, the cancer medication that made Duggan a billionaire.

Sal Salington said...

Any actual guesses on this? An African medical facility loved by celebrities?

plot said...

Oooo, that Bob Duggan connection is worth looking into, though all his donations that I've seen go to $cientology facilities.

Beny Steinmetz is a crook, a money laundering and in cahoots with Jared Kushner to bail out the horrible investments Kush has made over the last 10 years. They are both involved in Netanyahu's bribery scandal as well.

Steinmetz is the last person to be trusted in his attacks and statements about anyone.

Unknown said...

Scientology launched their new cable channel. Howard Stern ripped on it for an hour this past week.

Geeljire said...

Calling out Steinmetz yet not Soros despite Soros being the one reponsible for Ebola in Guinea?
That's certainly fucking interesting.
Either you don't know what you're talking about and your bias leaps to conclusions at light speed in the wrong direction.
Or you do. Which is even worse.

plot said...

"Calling out Steinmetz"

I call out whom I wish and my yardstick is if there are cases and investigations against them. Steinmetz has aplenty there. There are oodles of stories out now about him. Why not investigate yourself?

"despite Soros being the one reponsible for Ebola in Guinea"

Of course he was.

Dreaded diseases that naturally live in tropical regions of Africa, he's in charge of aaaaall those.

Geeljire said...

You're in direct contradiction of facts.
Maybe you weren't in Guinea to watch it.
This is just a gossip site after all.

Geeljire said...

In commemoration of blind #7 and plot's "seemingly random" hasbara, have a peek at The Church:

plot said...

Ah! Seeking refuge are we?

So Steinmetz = All of Israel to you? Funny, since the strongest cases against him, Netanyahu and Kushner are being built there. What? Don't read your Haaretz? What a shame.

"Maybe you weren't in Guinea to watch it."

Maybe you weren't either and building a false persona in an anonymous Internet board. Gosh, that never happens.

Geeljire said...

Happens all the time.

Schneiderisnext said...


If you want to understand the extent of what Enty is hinting @, READ ALL OF THE COMMENTS.







7. BLIND #7 (3/18/18)


Multiple different churches are involved, but Enty differentiates between them:

Uppercase: "The Church" = LDS

Lowercase: "the church" = Dream City Church/Dream Centre

Other entities who are likely involved: The Red Cross, FLDS, Scientology, & the RCC

Schneiderisnext said...

South Africa IMO is the most likely country.

"Drug trials" indicates that the medical tests weren't classified or covert.

South Africa has become the world leader in Big Pharma trials. They have no problem using their population as guinea pigs for western drugmakers

Cran Grape said...


Schneiderisnext said...


"I call out whom I wish and my yardstick is if there are cases and investigations against them."

Soros has tons of open lawsuits and investigations against him. All over the world.

Why don't you use that yardstick fairly? There's oodles for you to investigate too @plot

plot said...

Any with the threat of decades in jail like Beni?

If you are talking business suits, well, that happens and is a civil matter.

What criminal charges have been leveled against Soros that he can't seem to shake, like Steinmetz?

Cran Grape said...

I read this not sure what the take away is supposed to be but are you saying Bisate Lodge owned by wilderness safari is who is trying to turn death into "sunshine."

Bisate is exclusive, secluded, and Very high end, also no kids are allowed if that suggest anything.

Is Wilderness Safari a part of the church? Or entity? You said bigger and they own 300 mil hectares of land 7.4+ mil acres that's pretty big to own that much I'd guess they'd be rich but also have a lot of secret operations going on, on their land or maybe they are really using it for the conservation of wild life idk.

Geeljire said...

When Soros has something to do with Ebola,
plot would rather discuss Steinmetz.
Take notes.

plot said...

We can discuss how Soros is the Minister of all African Tropical Diseases all you like Geeljire!

He's a real wizard, that one.

Geeljire said...


A dumb idiot said...

south africa is likely, but Madagascar had a massive plague outbreak last year and has a strong LDS presence

Schneiderisnext said...


1. Soros is about 8x richer than Steinmetz, so he can buy about 8x the legal immunity

2.In 2002, Soros was convicted in France of insider trading for buying stakes in companies previously owned by the government, including the bank Société Générale, based on confidential information. Beny has never been convicted of anything

3. Beny has been detained and released. He has countersued Soros in direct response. These two billionaires have been feuding since the late 90's.

If you want a brief history of the feud:

Schneiderisnext said...

Ones a Diamond trader, the other a Currencies trader.

Both trade in hyperinflation, fiat, blood, and insider information.

Both are scummy.

Geeljire said...

Rwanda is the outflow for most rare minerals from Congo and Katanga.
There is a lot of spook activity there because demand is so high and there are few sources.
Ever hear of Rio Tinto?
How about Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv?
The Church is big. Don't limit yourself to its fronts and sects and cults.

And how about that Chinese proxy militia blind?

Geeljire said...

You'll make a lot from what's here.

Geeljire said...

Geeljire said...

What could be more benign and innocuous than "The Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital?"

Geeljire said...

Soros+Rothschild+Gilead+Rio Tinto=Ebola
Learn to read between the lines.
There seems to be a heavy and repetitive use of the colors red and white as well as "shield" imagery.
World Health Organization
Bank of International Settlements

The Church!

Schneiderisnext said...

@geeljire, trying to keep up. Chinese militia blind? Link me?

Is it anything related to this?

With you on the red-shield, I guess I'm going bottom-up to your top-down approach.

sandybrook said...

Coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo

Schneiderisnext said...

I don't think the Mandela hospital is the focus of this blind. It's too new (it opened in 2017)


Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital

CapeTown, South Africa?

"Deaths at Red Cross Children's Hospital, Cape Town 1999-2003"

Perhaps this might relate to the missing CDC epidemiologist who was tracking African-American mortality rates (he's the suspect in "ON THE RUN FROM THE CHURCH")

Schneiderisnext said...

2007-01-03 10:36
Una Cupido
Cape Town - It's official - South Africa is a dangerous place for children.
Children here have double the chance of dying an unnatural death compared with kids elsewhere in the world.
And, nearly 8 000 a year are treated for trauma at Red Cross Children's hospital in Cape Town.
These shocking statistics have come to light in a study by Professor Sebastian van As, head of the Children Accident Prevention Foundation South Africa (Capfsa) and also head of the trauma unit of Red Cross Hospital.
Van As is a world authority on paediatric surgery and child-trauma cases.
He and co-author Sudishni Naidoo examine the underlying causes in their recent publication, Paediatric Trauma & Child Abuse
Unnatural causes kill 1 238
Their book reveals that at least 1 128 children were murdered between April 1 2004 and March 31 2005. 22 486 were raped.
In 2003, 1 238 children died of unnatural causes.

Schneiderisnext said...

Another handy resource to cross reference this blind

plot said...

"Soros is about 8x richer than Steinmetz, so he can buy about 8x the legal immunity"

Oh sure, throw down suppositions. If you have evidence of Soros buying legal immunity, we'll talk.

"In 2002, Soros was convicted in France of insider trading"

That is a civil matter. Where and when has France asked for his extradition on criminal charges?

"Beny has been detained and released."

Beny is still under investigation and the courts have put travel limits on him.

"These two billionaires have been feuding since the late 90's. "

So we shouldn't take their accusations against each other seriously...which was my original point.

plot said...

"Learn to read between the lines."

Oh! You mean buy into your fantasy, right?


Couldn't agree more.

Schneiderisnext said...

For anyone doubting @Enty's blinds regarding human medical experiments

This is a 2003 UC Berkeley International Journal of Law Article

"Many African nations cannot afford to offer medicine for their citizens without subsidies from multinational pharmaceutical corporations.[4] To court these pharmaceutical corporations, some African nations minimize legal regulations on the conduct of medical research, which prevents potential legal battles from arising.[4]"

Schneiderisnext said...

"Unlike American law, French law does not provide for civil enforcement actions in insider trading cases; they may be pursued here only as CRIMINAL matters."

George Soros is a convicted CRIMINAL FELON

"The insider-trading case was first brought against Mr. Soros in June 1993, but, other than providing an initial statement, he didn't hear from French authorities until December 2000, a spokesman for Mr. Soros says. The billionaire financier spent two weeks in Paris in November to appear during four sessions of the six-day trial. A verdict is expected Dec. 20.

For someone worth an estimated $7 billion, the potential financial penalties are small. Prosecutors recommended that at the minimum, Mr. Soros be fined 2.2 million euro, the profit he is accused of making from his shares. (The judges deciding the case could recommend a maximum penalty of up to two years in prison or a fine of four times the amount prosecutors allege Mr. Soros made.) No matter the outcome, he will be allowed to continue trading in French shares.

plot said...

Well, excuse my translation troubles between French Salic Law and English/American common law.

Thank-you for the copy/paste, but that sounds like the French treated the matter in a manner that we would call classic civil procedure. Soros paid his fines, gave back his profits, and the French Courts found it to be settled.

Sign Name Below said...

Thank you for aggregating all these and updating, @Schneiderisnext. I continue to be confused by The Church blinds but your work definitely helps clarify/track.

Amy said...

Thanks @Schneiderisnext. Agree with Sign Name Below.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

@plot: Geeljire is really turned-on right now. It’s sickening. He actually ENJOYS posts like this.

plot said...


Geeljire is following a script I've seen before. He sure does work himself into a dither.

I appreciate Schneiderisnext more, not because I agree with him about anything but at least he's trying to sew together a narrative based on things he's found, no matter how wrongly he pieces things together. At least I've learned a thing or two from Schneider (though possibly not what he would have me learn ;P)

Geeljire said...

Hasbara hasn't seen this "script" before, plot, you're wrong once more, as to be expected.
Why do you continue to be wrong yet are still the most vocal calling others wrong?
Why do you deflect from Mossad affilitated pedophiles? (See today's Spielberg blind)

J F said...

Ohhh... good stuff!!

@plot +1000
@geeljire +1001

apple_seed said...

A Soros conspiracy theory??? Over/under on the number of teeth that Trumpist has is 5....

plot said...

"Why do you continue to be wrong"

Wrong about what? You continue to avoid backing up your claims.

Geeljire said...

My delusions should speak for themselves and not require so much of your naysaying.
Shouldn't they?
You're fun.

Jen Ty said...

Oh no the CO$ has their own channel now - inspired by Fox News I guess. What took so long.

Ever noticed if you watched Remini's great expose on CO$ how cheesy the TV and video production was on those Scientology rallies.

Unknown said...

Thank you!


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