Sunday, December 15, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 4, 2019

A corporation would have a tough time using corporate dollars to buy cocaine. A corporation, or people working in it, would have a much easier time purchasing metals that have a objective street value and trading it for coke. That would help explain why this corporation run by the celebrity CEO has a runaway copper problem. Oh, and what if the copper was then sold back to a recycling company who use one value in the books that is different than the money given to the cocaine sellers. That would be an awful lot like money laundering if something like that was going on.

Tesla/Elon Musk


IndieRaga said...

In that case fire those useless accountants, what's their use if they can't cook books under pseudo overheads!
My god how difficult is it to manage a firm !
Seriously !

Lorkhan said...

Indie is right. Wtf is even the point of hiring an accountant if they're not scrubbing that cash clean?

This makes me think of the Fenway(?) metals scam that Nathan Tinkler & Jeff McCloy made billions from.

sandybrook said...

The key word in this whole b.s. blind is on the last full line and is spelled “if”.

Studio54 said...

Why doesn't someone tell the Feds this? I'm sure they would be very interested.

noellebebe said...

Okay, it all hinges on when. You tell me the speculative or the factual dates of when; we have the who and the supposed what. There have been times when Musk wasn't the decision-maker for his own name, corporations, entities. He barely owns his frigging entrails. So the basis of the blind's entire plotline depends upon the timing.

Come on, Enty. You have to know who Musk turned over the commodore's chair to & who was really the boss, whilst Elon was busy being seduced & distracted. For awhile there he never dreamed he could have it soooo good, but later and lately, he's contending with what this arrangement has been costing him. So much for trying to use a bouncer
to override your inner dweeb. By the way, Musk's leased overlord did not commit suicide in MCC. He went before the barr, though, and is now below ground and out of groin.

Kim said...

The real inner in this story is Justine Musk and his other ex wife. Obviously, they dodged a bullet, a strung out bullet.

w0mbat said...

Elon really should not tell Amber stuff like this.


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