Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #12

September 12, 2019

An actor friend of mine had an audition earlier this week for a role in a movie. Not a big role. Maybe twenty lines total, but it would be a big break for them because it is in what will be a huge box office smash. While he is auditioning, he noticed a guy in the back of the room who was very obviously on some type of dating app because of the way he was swiping. My actor friend didn't recognize him at first, but had noticed him simply because of the aggressive swiping. It was only as he was leaving the building that someone came to him and said that __________ had loved him. The person only used the first name. Still not knowing exactly who the person was talking about, my friend asked, "Oh, is ______________ making the decisions?" The person replied, "Yes, but no one is supposed to know. You know, because of what happened." My friend, again, not putting first name together with person he saw said something along the lines of I'm glad he liked me. The person actually replied back, "I 'm glad he liked you too. I was expecting to have to cast a dozen teenagers for him to lust after every day." My friend still didn't get it and continued to net get who it was until he got home and started Googling the first name of the disgraced director and found him only with the first name and the line about lusting after teenagers and it came up with exactly who it is.

Bryan Singer (Later tonight I am also making the two podcast episodes about Bryan Singer free to listen to)


Unknown said...

How do I log on to podcast? Thanks

IndieRaga said...

I read somewhere that Bryan is a willy bottom...if that helps!

rednoir said...

When will he be charged? With anything?

longtimereader said...

When your last movie won Oscars and made $1bn+ of course you will still be working.

Mugshotland Creator said...

that's actually really cool #google


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