Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #45

November 12, 2019

A little over a decade ago there was a movie. A flop movie, barely released, based on a stage musical, but one that began to almost immediately develop a big cult following despite its lack of success, with local, small town theater companies putting on their own versions of the show, similar to Rocky Horror Picture Show. It had an eclectic cast, some of whom where A listers  (including A listers in the the reality, horror  and rock music scenes) and was directed by a guy who directed installments of one of the biggest horror franchises ever made.

The creator of the show was a D list actor/singer who used the fact that he created the original stage show to land a sizable role in the movie. The creator then used what little fame he got from that to tour the country, visiting the local versions of his show as part of a "good will" tour to meet fans. There he would sexually harass and try to hook up with actresses involved with the local versions of his show. He would pressure them into hooking up, even though he had a girlfriend. He specifically liked to target and only have sex with actresses who played the role of an underage teenage character in the play he created, a role played by a B list former child actress frequently directed by an A list director she has often worked with.

Terrence Zduncich/ Repo! The Genetic Opera. (A list cast: Paris Hilton, Bill Moseley, Paul Sorvino, Ogre of Skinny Puppy) (director: Darren Lynn Bousman/Saw 2,3,4) (child actress/ Repo role: Alexa Vega, Shiloh [frequently worked with Robert Rodriguez])


rednoir said...

I worked on the second Saw. Darren did not direct the fourth.

Anonymous said...

I could only last through the first 10 minutes of the movie. It's just dreadful and not in any "so bad it's good" way either. Maybe one day I will try again. Sometimes I wish I smoked pot or did something so I could endure these things for the sake of understanding, but I just can't do it sober.

Brayson87 said...

I enjoy sharing this blind with fans of the movie.

OKay said...

I saw Repo! omigod, a million years ago now. I'd forgotten all about it. *L* It was terrible, but we couldn't stop watching (yeah, I was stoned, but hubby wasn't!) Paris Hilton was surprisingly not awful in it - probably because the whole thing was so bad.


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