Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #39

November 7, 2019

I have written about this A/A- list singer/actress and her need for pills, several times. In a recent interview, she is laying the groundwork for her to be prescribed even more.

Lady GaGa


HushHush said...

And we were shocked when Prince and Tom Petty died from OD-ing on opioid pills. When you are a danger to yourself, don't surround yourself with employees and enablers.

Fifi LaRue said...

Yeah, but what kind of pills? Vitamin C?

Scarlet Peaches said...

Ew. CaCa will NEVER be on the same scale as Petty or Prince. If she OD’s and dies young(ish), she MIGHT have a claim to some kind of legendary type of fame. But that’s a huge “might”

SlimKeith said...

Gaga will be remembered, especially as she has an Oscar now. Not saying it's right but people will remember her in 25 plus yrs and Petty will be forgotten. 'Young" people don't listen to him (that's NOT across the board but let's be real, they weren'tbuying his concert tickets).
We went to a Roger Waters concert two years ago-the man is a legend-founding member of PINK FFloyd and my son was the ONLY kid there-he was 14 then -we were at Prudential Center in Jersey which is huge. Kids just don't listen to this music (except my kid but he has amazing taste in music-thx to moi!)

longtimereader said...

Prince spent decades dancing in high heels so had a painful back problem that did require medication, trouble is he took too much.

Texshan said...

GaGa supposedly has fibromyalgia, as do I. People with the condition are in massive amounts of pain 24/7. We deal with it the best way we can, and sometimes that includes opiates. The "opioid scare" in this country is being driven by a bunch of misguided people who think they are helping people, but they aren't. Some people literally need medication to function. The vast majority of people with an opioid addiction do not need it to survive. But we are being treated as drug-seekers, erroneously and dangerously.


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