Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #42

August 14, 2019

This foreign born former model hasn't stopped what she used to do back in the day. She still recruits underage girls just like she did for the pedophile. She just has multiple clients rather than just one. She also has a way to transport them all over the world which is one of the reasons her rate is about ten times higher than if you were to rent out the same transportation yourself. She calls herself a facilitator. Most every other person would call her a trafficker. The thing is though, she has protections in place unlike anything ever seen before with many current and former heads of state she counts as clients. She also has a trail of receipts. When one person tried to skip out on a fee, she had enough muscle to have him killed even though he was a very big presence in his country. His was one of several high profile deaths where no bodies were found. It is unclear if she caused the others to happen.

Nadia Marcinko/Pierre Agnes (CEO of Quiksilver) 

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AkhaldanSolo said...

But oh so strange that only 2 years ago one of the Himmmms was bragging about her being his personal pilot at times



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