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Blind Items Revealed #8

August 23, 2019

Because I couldn't tell it any better than the tipster, I left their words as is other than making it a blind.

All of these incidents revolve around one guy. He is a biker in his late 30s/early 40s, foreign but living in LA. A bunch of the people swept up in the #metoo scandal are petrified of running into him. And with very good reason.

I don’t know too much about his background, not that I would share, except that he's a tough, seriously dangerous, yet very charming man. He’s not the biggest guy in the world, under six feet tall, but stocky. I know he used to fight and play rugby to a professional level in his youth. However, he has a presence that just seems to put people in mortal fear. I’ve seen him turn it on and off at will, never raising his voice, and it is plain scary. Nothing fazes this guy. He once casually explained to me how to dispose of a body so that not even cadaver dogs could find it.

He is primarily associated with a very well known motorcycle club (the same club alluded to in a post from April 16, 2018), but is welcomed and even beloved by members of other MCs often considered their arch rivals. Because of this, he acts as a go-between in negotiations, or when violence flares between clubs. He might be one of the reasons there was no major fallout earlier this year, when two Utah bikers were shot and killed on an LA freeway in broad daylight.

I know he is also extremely friendly with some Mexican collectives, a certain faction of a well known Italian organization (indeed, he acted as tour-guide and unofficial bodyguard for the son of one of their more senior members), ex-Special Forces guys from his home country who now perform CP work (one of whom was recently responsible for aiding the Princess of Dubai), several mercs, a renowned arms dealer, numerous billionaires and even members of royalty.

Now, it’s common knowledge that some of the organizations listed above are often accused of contributing to trafficking, etc. and, while that may be arguable, none of it holds for this guy. He was raised by a single mother and has an almost fanatical hatred of violence or mistreatment of women and children. I've never seen his associates step out of line if he is around. Not even the more hardcore element.

So why would this matter to you? Well, his notoriety, coupled with his protective character, has seen him quietly become involved in addressing some of the accused abusers. He has confronted more than one high profile individual embroiled in the #metoo scandal – with interesting results. The following were all told to me by the guy himself, witnessed firsthand and/or confirmed (where possible) by other mutual friends or witnesses.

Events 1, 2, 3 and 4 occurred at a beachfront, members-only club in LA.

1) He was in attendance shortly after this A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family (AA) had been implicated and said he knew the rumors were true. I was with him when he ran into AA in the bathroom. Next thing you know, AA was in the passenger seat of his BMW as his ‘girlfriend’ hit the gas. The tabloids later reported on his sudden arrival in NYC – that very same day. To my knowledge, he stayed there for months and hasn’t been back to the club since. I don’t know what words, if any, were exchanged, but AA was clearly rattled when he stepped out of that bathroom – he was drained of color and shaking. The biker exited the bathroom shortly after, wearing a huge grin. I kept an eye on the door, and no one else went in or out the entire time, so it could only have been those two in there.

2) I and multiple others witnessed this following event first hand: A butt-fumbling recently retired NFL QB – (BB) – turned up one night with his entourage and became belligerently drunk, verbally accosting the bar staff. The biker, who is very friendly with all the staff, intervened. Security, knowing better it seems, didn’t get involved. I saw the biker physically insert himself between BB, his entourage and the bar itself. He simply said, “Leave. Now.” He wore a totally blank expression and didn’t even raise his voice. BB, who must have stood about a head taller, turned into a gibbering, apologetic wreck and immediately split, with his full entourage following, every one of them begging forgiveness. The management and staff at the club must have loved the biker for this, because every time I’ve been there with him since, they’ve treated him like royalty.

3) This permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee (CC) departed the same club almost as soon as he saw this guy arrive with us. This was the night of the Mayweather-McGregor fight, shortly after the bout had ended. No words were exchanged that I could tell, but I saw the way the biker looked at him and CC clearly recognized him. In this case, my guess would be it may have been more to do with something other than #MeToo, given this guy’s connections with a particular Mexican based organisation.

4) I share a NYC-based friend with this A- list singer/B+ list actor (DD) and his pervert best friend (EE). This friend also knows the biker in his own right. Later, this mutual friend revealed to me that he felt worried enough to warn DD and EE about the potential danger of the situation if they ended up crossing paths with the biker. In the same call, he admitted suggesting that, should they run into the biker, they should both split immediately while gathering several other people around them. This, I am told, is exactly what happened when DD spotted the biker at the club one day. Our mutual friend told me that the actor admitted to splitting without even finishing his food or drink.

Another amusing anecdote, which I witnessed, happened at a Santa Monica bar. The brother (FF) of this disgraced former A+ list mostly movie actor (GG), was drinking with a mutual friend. FF handles his booze about as well as GG. After being introduced by our friend, he drunkenly offered to pay the biker if he would ‘have a conversation’ with GG, all because he apparently reneged on a promise to buy FF a house. The biker told him to “F**k off”.

There are other stories and incidents involving A/B listers that I know about (and even their security staff, who I have witnessed treat him with fearful respect – the head of security for this A list everything in her mind (HH), and I am sure there’s many more occurrences I don’t know about, but which wouldn’t surprise me. I have my own suspicions about some of them. For one, given his biker background, I know for a fact he has many, many contacts, affiliates and friends who are incarcerated around the US, and the rest of the world. I'm pretty sure this would include a particular facility in NYC.

Funny thing, I was wary about writing any of this down, for obvious reasons. I actually told my biker friend about the idea, suggesting that people might find comfort in knowing there are people in Hollywood who won’t let stars get away with shit, and who can’t be bought off. Surprisingly, he didn’t seem to care too much either way, as long as I didn’t mention his name or provide any pictures. Ironically, he might be the only person in LA who actively avoids having his picture taken!

Thought it might be encouraging to know that, despite appearances, some people behind the scenes still have something approaching a moral compass, and are determined not to let abusers avoid punishment.

Sometimes, the Bad Guys turn out to be the Good Guys.

AA- James Franco
BB - Mark Sanchez
CC - Sean Penn
DD - Jared Leto
EE - Terry Richardson
FF - Donal Gibson
GG - Mel Gibson
HH - Jennifer Lopez


IndieRaga said...

Biker Club BACA?

Do Tell said...

Now THIS is someone about whom I'd like to see a biopic. Though this does remind me of (*Peter Griffin voice*) "Roadhouse."

longtimereader said...

DANM ENTY, I'm blind drunk after swearing off booze for all the year because it's the Holidays. This reveal is what we love this site for, I remember we got most of the reveals though.

Nubian princess said...

Great blind, told by a great tipster.

gradybridges said...

should be a kindness blinnd

MissMatador said...

Great blind! We need more stories from this person.

Thia said...

I agree! I want to hear more about this guy!

Bikey said...

One of last year´s best blinds, hands down:)

Sd Auntie said...

Glad someone made Franco pee his pants!

OldFart said...

A biker is a member of a private LA beach club????

Susan Bahns said...

omg this gives me so much hope thank you

MattDaddy said...

An appealing fantasy.


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