Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #2

July 9, 2019

It has only been for the past couple of decades that the foreign born behind the scenes player was a madam/child rapist. Prior to that, she was someone who created news. Someone who would come up with what they wanted to have happen and then align the pieces to ensure that result. Let me give you an example. Back in the day, a close family member wanted information on the royal family. Enter our madam/child rapist. She arranged for a friend who would yacht from time to time to meet a royal who is still involved with the madam/child rapist today. That friend slept with the royal every chance she got and passed along everything she heard to the madam/child rapist. It was only when the royal family got wind of what was happening that the friend was sent off.

It was around this same time that the madam/child rapist was hooking up with someone who was an heir to a middling fortune. Good looking and well connected, he was exactly the type of person the madam/child rapist liked to keep close. He was known for being a playboy and it was limiting his invitations to events because husbands didn't like him close to their wives. So, a solution was reached He would woo the friend/part time yachter and woo he did. They got married quickly. Now, the heir could go back to parties and the friend/part time yachter had no idea she was being used again.

The madam/child rapist's family member missed having the inside scoop, so they sent the friend/yachter to meet up with the royal. I mean she was married now so she could meet with him and not have it be a scandal. The thing is, she was not reporting anything back. The madam/child rapist and her family member were upset so they decided to burn the friend/yachter and claim she was cheating on her husband with the royal and was a terrible human. Meanwhile, the one time she did cheat with the royal was recorded. In that recording some things were said which are still being used against the royal today which is why it was no problem for him to come on board the hell bound train.

The friend/yachter was divorced and is living a hard life.

The heir continues to be best friends with the madam/child rapist and is always providing inside information while always looking for angles they can work together.

Madam/child rapist: Ghislaine Maxwell
Close family member: Father Robert Maxwell
Royal family member: Prince Andrew
Friend: Koo Stark 
Heir to a middling fortune: Tim Jefferies 


Do Tell said...

"Oh, she's only been a child rapist for a couple of decades."

Do Tell said...

I read something about Koo Stark a while back and it gave the impression that she really got a rough deal in the press, that she was never a porn actress, whatever she appeared in was way exaggerated and that she is really a pretty decent person. (Not that pornstars can't be decent people.)

PotPourri said...

I remember him dating Koo Stark before marrying The Duchess...She was considered a bimbo/porn star and he was just 'sewing his royal oats'.

sandybrook said...

Emily wasn't a porn movie, I remember seeing it on tv, it was strong for 1976. She did nudity and lesbian scene, today it wouldn't be anything too radical.

Do Tell said...

I think she was unfairly slimed. If you look at her Wiki, she did some pretty well received theater work and she's an established photographer since the '80's. It's unfortunate that she defended Andrew, but his underage girls might have happened well after they had split.

.robert said...

Koo Stark still looks 10,000 times better than Fergie.


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