Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #16

September 17, 2019

I have always had a favorite in this family of reality stars. I guess I will need to find a new one now. Well, honestly, probably not. Not really a family you want to get too involved with. Over the years I have highlighted some of their more memorable scams and sins, but they are taking it to a new level in their latest scam. Of course nothing I mention here will ever outweigh the covering up of all the horrible things done to some of the kids, but this is just about the scams, and my favorite is involved.

Somehow the favorite managed to include the person who was supposedly exiled/banned/shunned moving away but never really did and is with the favorite 24/7 as if they were together or something. Anyway, although they are involved and complicit and helping in the scam by soliciting money. Oh yes, money. They don't want anything useful or any supplies, they only want cash or cards they can convert to cash. If you do give them supplies or anything useful, they sell it on the black market rather than distributing it.

The ringleader is one of the members of the reality family, but he brought along members from a similar family. They are all pretending to be law enforcement and carrying badges in a country that has been devastated. They are commandeering relief packages from overseas saying they had been given contracts to control every bit of cargo. (Narrators's voice) They haven't.

They are stealing fuel and then billing NGO's for the fuel. It is a scam on a massive level and pales in comparison to the one two other members of the family pulled while out of the country.

The Duggars/Hurricane Dorian/Medical Evacuation Disaster Intervention Corp, or "Medic Corps" 
Favorite: Jana Duggar
Exiled/banned/shunned member: Josh Duggar 
Ringleader: John David Duggar
Similar family: Nathan and Lawson Bates
Family scandal: Jill Duggar Dillard and Derick Dillard (Jill and Derick's missionary organization and death of fellow missionary)


IndieRaga said...

This....they were stealing relief stuff on gunpoint !
How come this is not a National Headline and Covefefe is...?!

Troy Dyer said...

This whole family is trash, and Derrik is terrifying, but I have to give him a clap for starting to come forward on how Jim Bob is the worst of them all. And big ups to Jill for getting a facial piercing, wearing jeans and being on birth control. I bet she feels so liberated, I wish the same for the rest of those brainwashed children.

Do Tell said...

A good Duggar is no Duggar.

His Princess said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
His Princess said...

Where did you see this info
I'm out of the loop

Troy Dyer said...

Which part? Happy to provide a link 👍🏼

roddma said...

I take things on here with a grain of salt but this would not surprise me

auntliddy said...

Jill is nuts. They all are- their extreme religious beliefs have pushed down all normal human feelings- jeslously, annoyance,- so their feelings are all twisted up and evil. I have to say almost every self proclaimed christian has some sort of scam going on

Unknown said...

It's actually quite sad. All the way around.


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