Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #33

October 25, 2019

Way back in the day, I had a blind about some people participating in an underground poker game. It was high limits and a precursor to the Molly Bloom games. Well, it turns out that two of the former participants teamed up to start a new room, but in a much nicer place than the back of a restaurant in Koreatown. I had no idea that this A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee even knew this permanent A list NBA player who retired not that long ago. You have to be invited to join and there are only about a dozen people so far. Just enough people to make sure they can fill one or two tables a couple of times a month. There are no other athletes involved because the former NBA player said he doesn't like anyone else in the league anyway, and prefers to be around the entertainment community. Apparently no women will ever be invited. No female waitresses or servers. This was both of the founders' mandate. They don't seem to think that the guys, including themselves will be able to refrain from sexually harassing the women or trying to sleep with them and then they might report them which would expose the game. Knowing those two, that is pretty much their thought pattern in life.

Ben Affleck/Kobe Bryant


Do Tell said...

Good thinking re: knowing their own weaknesses and not allowing women to be around it.

Count Jerkula said...

That is true degenerate gambling. Dont want any poon around distracting from the game.

JD said...

In most states, if the house isn't taking a rake, home games are perfectly legal. They'd get in trouble for raping a waitress either way though, yeah.

Andy in San Diego and Elsewhere said...

Having a woman at a private poker game was the theme of the movie Blowing Smoke.


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