Thursday, January 02, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 21, 2019

Contrary to what she is saying in interviews, this A list everything in her mind DID use a body double for her big pole dancing number in a recent film.  On the day it was shot at the club, our actress performed the dance routine twice, then her double (a dancer in her mid 20s) came on and did it five times, including all the closeups.  It was all seamlessly edited together so you can't really notice.

Jennifer Lopez/Hustlers


Anonymous said...

So that’s not a closeup of her great big huge latin ass over at celebrity movie archives?

I’m relived. It kind of looked like a black hole.

J said...

Shame she's losing her figure. Gettin' too old to be much use any more.

SeijnSei said...

Losing her figure? Have you SEEN her lately? She''s in the best shape of her life.

BMDS said...

Does this mean JLo will be sharing her Los Angeles Film Critics Award (Best Supporting Actress) with her "butt double" ?...Or is the award really for "Best Supporting Butt" ?.

Brayson87 said...

Haha, before she was a pretend singer, now she's a pretend dancer too. Does she even exist anymore? Is it going to be her body double at the Superbowl?

Vita said...

Geez, I was trying to fly under the radar with this little secret, but as long as someone else has exposed my work...😉

Anonymous said...

Overrated, plain looking narcissist, with a hard mean face, and a personality to match.
She offended everyone at the hotel where my bmf is GM.
Lopez demanded-- among other things-- 300 thread count sheets, and gardenias strewn on bed. I kid you not.
Can you imagine how many couches were necessary for this woman to have a career??

OldFart said...

Tho JLo looked good in Hustlers, I can't believe it got such good reviews. Even with the pole dancing I thought it was sloppy, silly and a bore.

MarxistFreak said...

That was her ass though. Right?

Minnie The Moocher said...

Jennifer Low-Pants, so named by my then four year old daughter, should keep it really real.
We wouldn't judge her for it if she owned it and made light of it.
She IS built like a brick shithouse and she DOES look great.
I actually think the film was beneath her, and wonder how her handlers didn't dissuade her.

Lawdy Miss Scarlett said...

I don't get what all the hype about Hustlers was about. It could've been great, but it was so-so. It felt like an extended J-Lo video w/ all those shopping scenes. If they focused more on the fck ups that happened when they were grifting it would've been more interesting. I don't get all the hype about her getting an Oscar nomination. It wasn't really acting. It felt she was just being herself amplified a bit.

Anonymous said...

Bots always show up on Lopez blinds.
That's how paranoid she is. Gotta pay somebody, to be her fake fan.


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