Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #46

November 22, 2019

Back in the day there was a movie. Based on a long-running TV show, and not the only film based on this TV show although  there weren't many after. The director was a B list director who worked in a different capacity for an A list director beforehand.  The star of the movie is a now an A-/B+ actress better known for the permanent A lister she is married too then her acting. At that point, she was a barely known up and comer.

At one point in the filming of the movie, one of the producers, who included a permanent A+ director and a couple of permanent A/A- directors, and then A+ list producer, demanded the actress to do a nude scene that was not previously scripted and was not a part of the film just so they could have an excuse to see her naked. The actress refused and the director declined to film the scene, taking the actress's side, but the producers  threatened the both of them, and pressured them to include the nude scene, even though it made no sense to the film.

The lead actor of the film was actor who would eventually become a B-/C+ lister, at best,  but was at the time a solid A- lister and rising. He would destroy his career with his next film, a leading role in a movie made before its time, but would eke out at least one more major role with a permanent A+ director before fading into direct to video obscurity.   At the time, however, he had power and when he found out what was happening to the actress, he stepped in. He refused to film any more scenes until the producers left her alone. He even suggested a compromise scene that would suggest what the producers "wanted" without even including nudity.  Because he was too important to the film, they couldn't say no, and the actress was spared doing the nude scene.

Film: Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight
TV Show: Tales From The Crypt (other movie: Bordello of Blood)
Director: Ernest Dickerson (former cinematographer to Spike Lee)
Actress: Jada Pinkett Smith (married to Will Smith)
Actor: Billy Zane (would go on to do The Phantom, as well as Titanic for James Cameron)
Producers: Robert Zemeckis, Walter Hill, Richard Donner, Joel Silver


Troy Dyer said...

Kindness for Billy Zane!
Also, did I have a weird edible or did Enty skip from #42 to #46?

Simon said...

Enty must be drinking. Went from 42 to 46

Pen-a-lope said...

I have always adored Billy Zane. Now I know why.

SlimKeith said...

Am I just depressed (again!) or can these blinds be a bummer to read sometimes? Women can't just act and do their jobs then go home like the majority of men. Glad to know Billy is one of the good eggs, admittedly I confuse him with the douche he played in Titanic. I wonder what happened to his sister, she was a good actress- Lisa, I think? I remember her in Bad Influence with Rob Lowe.

Count Jerkula said...

No big loss. She is an annoying cunt and would be long forgotten if she wasnt the Fresh Prince's jizz receptacle. No gaps to be had.

Anonymous said...

IDK about this one. This sure seems like something Jada would have blabbed about. The only reason she wouldn't is because it involves a white savior, and we can't have that. She owes Zane a big thank you and a little help career wise couldn't hurt either, not that Will is in much of a position to do that this year. He's lucky Cats and the Star Wars: The Last Debacle came along or else he would be over after Gemini Man.

Brayson87 said...

Thumbs up to Billy Zane, loved him in that movie, plus in general he always seems cool.

Yeah if I had to make a list of sh!thead producers those guys would be on it.

liliesrnice said...

Why is Count Jerkula still here? Now I remember why I rarely come here anymore and no longer want to read the comments.

NoMoreBullshit said...

I love billy zane. He seems like the coolest dude ever. He paints now, he is really good

Black Tiger Steals Heart said...

Billy Zane is awesome. I loved The Phantom as a kid no matter what they say. Would love to see him come back big.

Count Jerkula said...

Eat a bag of dicks, cunt.


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