Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #25

October 7, 2019

James Franco shouldn't be the only one worrying about more people from his past coming forward with stories of assault, this A- list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee should be petrified. Also petrified should be the family member who helped cover all of them up for years with studios and producers in exchange for compensation whether work related or taking less money for projects. Our A- lister didn't count on an ex being the person who is kind of been the point person for all of this when a former victim confronted this ex in a grocery store about the past behavior of the A- lister. This has led to a handful of other women who are all ready to come forward and tell what the A- lister did to them.

Casey Affleck/Ben Affleck


LooLooEasy said...

Someone confronted Summer Phoenix in a supermarket?

Count Jerkula said...

Mental patients dont go to police, they just harass some poor, unknowing broad tryin to buy kale, tampax & mallowmars.

More likely to have a firm grasp of a lightning bolt than the thought process of a broad.

Do Tell said...
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Do Tell said...

It is stupidly naive to think Casey's wife didn't have a clue as to her husband's behavior, she was certainly married to him long enough to have heard some rumblings at the least. That said, leave her alone in public. Approach her on social media if you must.


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