Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #40

August 13, 2019

The foreign born former sex slave turned business person is laundering money of criminals through her company. She also transports huge sums of cash from the US and other countries to Europe to be placed in banks outside US jurisdiction. According to my source, who would know every last bit about this operation, she also still transfers underage girls around the globe. How does my source know this? Her husband used the same method multiple times. My source's family has always been entwined with the pedophile. They shared the same goal. Grooming underage sex slaves who are loyal to you forever much like this former sex slave turned business person. Oh, and if you think everyone has gone into hiding since the arrest last month, apparently business has never been better.

Nadia Marincko/Sara Bronfman


OldFart said... Sara Bronfman the source?

Nishka said...

Welcome to hellyweird

Nishka said...

These people are sick ��

Low Talker said...

Has this item ever been revealed? Was it really Hearher O'rourker? I mean, I'm almost sure it was.


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