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Blind Items Revealed #29

November 13, 2019

Once again, a first person account that I lightly edited to remove the names of other victims, locations of homes and made blind.

When I was a teenage housekeeper on my own at 15 in Marina Del Rey, I met more than a handful of sexual predators..One was an ER doctor who had recurring segments on a network news program.  He was a predator who also lived by the beach. This pedophile used his hospital ID to get me to trust him and he offered me a housecleaning job. When I went to estimate his home, he gave me a couple glasses of wine and promptly asked if I knew what the white powder substance was that he pulled out of his pocket.

I was 15 and I wasn't sure.

He said it was pharmaceutical cocaine and its harmless, he wanted to wake me up because the wine was strong & I guess I was acting drunk. He put on Led Zeppelin's "House Of The Holy" LP and proceeded to play it repeatedly while he started massaging me and kissing me. He also then offered me a half of a pill which he also described as "harmless" and told me it was a Quaalude. He pulled it out of a giant jar.. like a vitamin jar that read "methaqualone" on it. Before long, he gave me the other half while he continued pouring wine and giving "toots" of cocaine to me to keep me awake. Next thing I know, we are on the floor, him still massaging and I cannot get up, and I got really scared because my hands locked up. I could not close my fist or bend my fingers I was becoming paralyzed!

I told him my concern and he said "it's ok it happens sometimes" and he carried me off to his room where he repeatedly raped me all night. Next day I couldn't walk, he wanted to give me a shot of some sort to help me heal quicker but I refused. He told me to just stay there & I could live in his home and have his office as my room, so I stayed, as I was a run away. After he starved me for about 2 weeks and he was always at work round the clock, I ended up eating the last of his grandmother's quiche which upon discovery threw him into a rage I've never seen. He screamed at me to move out immediately and I begged for a couple more days, which he agreed to. His sister lived next door on a joined property. We had an arrangement that I watch her place for her while she went out of town. During that last couple days I forgot about the arrangement and I was so depressed and hopeless that I tried to kill myself with a big bottle of pills. I couldn't find the methaqualone but I found a big jar of something in the bathroom, I ate 2 handfuls, put "Journey/ Departure" cassette tape in my Walkman and cranked it up while I started slipping away.. suddenly the sister started knocking.. today she was leaving and I was to meet her beforehand to get the key. The room was spinning but she kept knocking and then came in! I pretended I was asleep so she tried to wake me, then she called her brother & asked him what to do. I had no choice but to get up and try to convince her that all was fine which I did but had REAL TROUBLE walking her to the door, also when she walked out, she noticed when I slammed my whole hand in the door & quickly reopened to pull it out.

I couldn't feel anything. She asked if I was ok and I said "yes" . I went to lay back down & passed out. I woke up at 8:pm on the hour SO SICK & DIZZY I couldn't even crawl straight to the toilet I was crawling into the wall missing the doorway the room was spinning so bad but I found the toilet in time to vomit which was a big accomplishment because I was determined not to make a mess when I checked out.

I will never forget waking up with shag carpet in my mouth (breathing face down?) As the toilet rug had become my pillow.

I looked at the clock which was said 9:pm again, on the hour! I barfed profusely again and passed out, waking up EVERY HOUR, ON THE HOUR, ALL NIGHT LONG to vomit until I lost consciousness again. Somewhere in the middle of it all I woke up freezing cold and the room not spinning as bad.. I can't remember what hour, maybe 4:am? I had been throwing up every hour for probably 8 hours by then, so that's my guess. After 8 hours at the foot of his toilet (glad I had recently cleaned it beforehand) I was finally able to get up and crawl back to the sofa, where I passed out again, but continued waking on the hour to throw up and able to crawl back n forth to sofa. I survived the night! I was unkillable!! Now what?? All I knew is I had to get away from "Dr Date Rape"
I went on the streets and suffered with no safe place to sleep or food but I had my life still and he couldn't hurt me anymore.. or could he?

About a year or so later I had discovered that many of my teenage friends had also met him. He made moves on all of them including C who confirmed to me that Dr. Date Rape was successful at date raping our (then 15 year old) friend L.. Like me, she would allow them to pour the drinks up but she really couldn't handle her booze at all. Once about 5 or 6 of us teenagers realized what a sick predator that this "DOCTOR" was, we decided to play a trick on him and show up at his doorstep to call him out as a pervert! He was home and happy to see us all! Quickly inviting us in.. but our plan to confront him was foiled, when a couple girls started eating the Quaaludes he was dishing out ..and drinking the wine he poured! (I was pocketing the pills so I could trade them for food or $ to my older friends to help my survival between housecleaning jobs) 3 of the girls went with him into his office (where I OD'd) and they closed the door ..staying in there a long time.

We had already been doing cocaine, ludes & wine so I got a sick feeling that he was shooting them up with cocaine as I had found his vile of liquid cocaine and his used syringes in the trash  back when I cleaned his home. I left the party disgusted that my underage friends were possibly partaking in his delights and that he was able to use his drugs again to "control". I wanted no part of it and I walked home to an apartment where I had a room. I had recently turned 16 years old and I was drunk from the wine so I fell asleep quickly. Next thing I knew, a stranger had broken into the apartment and was climbing in bed with me and grabbing me! I screamed but no one was home yet from Dr. Date Rape's place. The stranger tried to rape me but somehow I got up in the bed on my knees and though it was very dark, at that moment, I could see the outline of this man's head from the light outside my window, so I punched as hard as I could and hit him square in the nose! He cried out in pain! I jumped up, switched on the light.. guess who was holding his bloody nose in his hands? Doctor Date Rape!! Now he has gone to NEW LEVELS OF CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR. Even I was SHOCKED.. I screamed at him to leave and I ran to the door but he ran out first so I locked it (again) and waited for my friends/ roommates to come home. Next morning guess who was knocking at my door again..pounding! Yep, you guessed it.. Dr Date Rape! He had the nerve to yell at me on my front doorstep..

"I helped you when you had nowhere to go!!" His nose was swollen looking.  I was scared that he may have had a syringe or gun in his pocket because he was very angry. I had the front door on a chain lock and he demanded to come in trying to push his way in but the chain stopped him. I threatened that if he didn't leave I'd call the cops and tell them EVERYTHING. He did leave. A year or so later I was stuck going to a hospital after a terrible burn I got. By misfortune, Dr. Date Rape was working the ER that day.. he treated me..LIKE SHIT. He waited and waited taking forever to look at the burn. I had to ask the nurse twice to please hurry him as I was in excruciating pain and a giant blister was developing. He refused to bring me anything to cool the burn and he refused any pain meds. I had to ask the nurse to give me wet paper towels to soothe the burn as I waited endlessly for him to actually to his job. As I left, I couldn't help but shout "where's all your Quaaludes now ..when I really need one??"

I saw him one last time as C and I were walking down an alley behind his beachfront home. His BMW was parked in front of his garage. C was telling me how he kicked her out after she tried to get her friend L to leave with her because it was getting late.. and the 3 of them had lots of wine & pills that night. She told me that he had molested 15 year old L in his Jacuzzi at his new home. I was disgusted and C being humorous saw a newspaper & some dog poop on the ground. We were right next to his BMW and she took the newspaper, grabbed the poop & quickly smeared it on his beautiful car.. unfortunately, he was coming out of the garage and caught C! He chased us both down the alley calling her a bitch and he kicked her quite hard in her 15 year old butt! Once again, we should've reported him but we were afraid of his money and his power over people with his drugs and his position as a prominent ER Doctor in the area.. he would often brag.. " Everyone knows me. So we felt even the Cops were his Pals. We kept it among ourselves.

My helpers at CAST assisted me in making a police report on him.. they found out by Google search, he is an actor now! WOW! (ugh) After SO many years of guilt for keeping quiet, I have finally told the authorities.

Dr. Bruce Hensel (in the best timed blind item of all time, the doctor was arrested several hours after I posted this blind)


Freebird said...

Looks like he was arrested & charged with asking a 9 year old online for explicit photos, to which he has plead not guilty. Gross.

Hamish said...

Yeah, you called it Enty. We noticed. Well done, hat tip.

e.non said...

He was held on $5,000 bond before bailing out around 6:30 p.m., booking records show

Count Jerkula said...

Best blind of all time was an uncle trying to fuck Paris Jackson and her trying to kill herself that same afternoon.

Count Jerkula said...

Who lets their 9y/o have social media? Probably entrapment.

Schneiderisnext said...

The Hungry Girl herself, Lisa Lillien, joins Dr. Bruce with some great tips on how to avoid the holiday weight gain, and still enjoy all the yummy treats!

Lisa Lillien (Schneider) and Bruce Hensel

Dan Schneider's wife.


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