Wednesday, August 22, 2007

3:10 To Yuma Premiere--Helping Out The Readers Special

I think you all would kill me if I didn't start with Christian Bale to help you get warm.
And then give you just a touch more just in case you need that extra push.
Danny Masterson and his brother share one tie between them, but hey, at least he's wearing a tie to a premiere. (with the tennis shoes)
Maybe Christian Bale isn't your type and you prefer the Dolph Lundgren type.
For "some" and others, Alison Eastwood was about as good as it got. If you need more, look for her Playboy photos online.
I guess you could imagine Vinessa Shaw, but those old lady hands and the need to kiss for the camera turns me off.

Could Russell Crowe and his wife be any less interesting? But, if you swing that way, then it may be just the thing for you.
Maybe a more exotic couple like Ben Foster and Zoe Kravitz would be more to your liking. Yes, that is Lisa Bonet's daughter so maybe you have some kind of sick leftover Cosby Show fantasy which has been haunting you for the last 20 years and you just can't stop watching Angel Heart no matter how hard you try.For those of you who want to relive the 60's, or have an Easy Rider fantasy, I'm here for you also. Well, Peter Fonda is here for you.
Maybe you are looking for some young love? Hmmm? A little Johnny Whitworth might be nice huh?
And for those of you who like the geek or the "nice guy" then perhaps Dallas Roberts is more to your liking.

Feel better now?


Reese said...

Christian Bale did help me get over the nausea of Katie's Disney Princess boudoir; thanks Enty.

Unknown said...

Johnny Whitworth! That just made my day, Empire Records is one of my favorite movies!

Hez said...

Well, helllllo boys!

(Now how did my top just "fall" off like that? Heh.)

Pinky said...

This entry should be re-titled
3:10 to Yum

GammaGirl said...

That is AJ from Empire Records. He has definitely gotten sexier with age.

Tracee said...

Humana-humana-humman-ana! Did you say"extra push" when referring to Bale?! Ent you have me in overload right now. I've been waiting for the hotness and you delivered! -drool- Shanks shalot!

Anonymous said...

just watched Christian in the Prestige last nite. He is so fine - that raspy voice, accent, and face. 3:10 to Yum is right!

blooter said...

Ok so Russell Crowe and his wife are into swinging? Nice to know.

michele said...

There's a hint in the Crowe comments, I just can't quite get it.

Stacey Charter said...

mmmmmmmm Chritian Bale. love him - still can't get totally past the whole american psycho stuff... but still love him. ~Stacey

Tracee said...

Just checkin to if you're still here Christian. It's been so long since I snuck into your house and I know you got that restraining order, but this is fate...right? RIGHT?! Don't ignore me! -just kidding folks, don't spaz. Having an "outta my mind" kinda day- know what's sad...I'd still do him even if he was that character on American Psycho. Yep. That says nuff bout me. said...

OMG Lenny Kravitz's daughter is beautiful! It seems like she was just born.

Also, do I detect a BI hint in the Russell Crowe snark?

Snautrag said...

Yeay! Finally a bit of my man Christian! Anyone see Laurel Canyon? That scene when he's in the car with Natascha McElhone?

More Christian Enty, peeezzeeee?

Rambo57 said...



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