Thursday, August 23, 2007

Random Photos Part One

Everytime I see Rihanna with that boot, I always think of Claire Huxtable when she broke her foot before the big party.
Maybe this time Rachel Nichols will say thank you.
So in the what I hate department, I hate guys who are pushing 40 wearing baseball caps sideways. Plus he's in London. With the exception of Amy Winehouse, everyone should dress nicer in London. I mean have you ever seen a better dressed crack addict than Pete Doherty?
This is Teri's sexy pose. I would hate to see her ugly pose.
The way to an old, bald man's heart is through his stomach.

See. Although she did stop him from grabbing her ass.
"Let's get ready to have severe weight loss."
"No, I'm not a screamer. I'm more of a grunter. But, the problem was Adam couldn't get it up and so he was frustrated, and I felt like if I said anything it would make it worse."
This one is too easy, much like the subject herself.
Now Becks has an idea of what it's like to be in Coach.

"Your name is what?"
"Ever? As in happily ever after?"
"Yep. Ever Carradine."
"Congratulations on having sex with Jessica Simpson and Cameron Diaz. Kind of like your own Charlie's Angels. Can I be your Bosley? I'm very good."
Any picture without Dax is a good picture of Kate Hudson.
Yes, Kat von D looks like a bit of a mess here, BUT she is wearing a Thin Lizzy belt buckle.


Anonymous said...

Rachel who?
Ryan Phillipe is pushing 40?
Who is KMA? (bald guy)
One word for Pam: pussywillow.

mocha said...

ryan is in his mid thirties i believe. still too old to be wearing that sideways cap and club hopping.

ksherry88 said...

Ryan will be 33 on September 10th. Hardly pushing 40. He's only about a year and a half older than Reese. And he's rockin' that hat...

jax said...

ryan could wear a fricken dress andit would be ok by me.

ya whos was the bald dude?

Teri Hatchetface needs to stop with the botox..stop fighting the old age girl you look a MESS.

The Little City Sparrow said...

you like thin lizzy, enty?

loves it! :)

Caroline said...

Why the CK added to lots of pics lately? Meaning?

rooral said...

Not a fan of Ryan P. - but I guess i had too much to drink last night because that hat looks like it's on straight to me. However, Teri H just sobered me up


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