Monday, August 20, 2007

Pete Doherty Has A Wild Day

Only Pete Doherty could have a day where he arrives to a concert four hours late, then while waiting to perform, spends the entire time in a port-a-potty having sex and doing drugs with his ex-girlfriend Irina, who was given her first break by Kate Moss.

After dodging Kate Moss who was in attendance, Pete and the Babyshambles gave a great show at the V Festival. After the show, Pete and his bandmates came to the aid of a motorist who got into an accident after too much to drink.

Then, after Pete had been dropped off by his bandmates, he went out early this morning and was arrested for possession of drugs when the car he was driving was pulled over by police. He is still in jail.


yo yo said...

why is this guy on the streets driving?? Does someone have to die in order for him to be locked away?! I don't understand what kind of judge would let him off on all these charges!!! It's infuriating!

__-__=__ said...

I can't believe he drives either!! said...

I think Pete should be the mascot for this site. He embodies the whole concept of "Crazy Days and Night"

Unknown said...

The Brits clearly must not love Pete D very much. If they did they would have made his arrest record mean something, slam him into jail and make him do real hardcore cold turkey and then slammed him into hardcore rehab before allowing him back out in society.

Instead, its like they are just allowing him to find a way to die young and maybe kill someone else along the way.

What a sad sack this guy is!

MnGddess said...

Could somebody tell me how he is the Least bit, REMOTELY attractive? I don't care that he plays in a band so that gets chicks. He looks like an emaciated girl posing as a boy.

Oh, and you need a tan. Seriously.


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