Tuesday, August 21, 2007

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Last night I got an e-mail with a subject line that mentioned a new JFK movie from Disney was going to be made. OK, I hadn't heard about it, but I opened the e-mail and the only thing was a message that wanted me to view the sender's website. I clicked on it and when I finally got done surfing through the main site and all the ancillary sites, I was afraid someone was watching me, which considering I live in a windowless basement is tough to do.

This is not a website that you can just surf through quickly. This is a website with links to other websites the author has created or spawned.

To realize the true level of paranoia and dementia at play here you have to savor each second. Here is an open letter that is from and center on the main page.

To Senator Mitchell and Senator Edward Kennedy and to U.S. Congress:
From: Renee Ashley Baker

I am not "going to lunch". I will, however, have dinner with Senator Mitchell, Senator Kennedy and my "Disney Execs" at my new house in Washington DC. Disney will release in movie theatres worldwide the Renee Baker Studios motion picture, "My Finding: Who Killed President John F. Kennedy?". I will sign my Disney contract for $73.5 million dollars.

Monday (August 20) I faxed a letter to the Senators at approximately 10:15 am EST (check your fax machines). and

2. I am not going to be my own publicist. I have already hired a major publicist in New York City (It is not Donald Deutch and it is not Donald Deutch's Company).

I will be using Pepsi's advertising agency if and when I need one. (I will not be hiring Donald Deutch's company for any reason).

3. I am not with NBC and I will not be with NBC. (I am with Disney/ABC exclusively for $73.5 mil).

Do you get the feeling that Donny Deutch might have a restraining order against this author?

To make you feel better about yourself and also to prove that Britney is not the craziest person alive, take some time to enjoy this site and her others.


Unknown said...

maybe i didnt read close enough, but im kinda confused here

mandjo said...

Did you go to the site Kelly?
I'm not following either. Of course, I didn't click on anything, just read over it.

Simone said...

Nope, no me clicky.

Her stange.

Tracee said...

I clicked. But Ent the craziest thing is that you spent TIME there. I couldn't understand the meaning of the site, but then again I could only stomach it for 20 seconds.

You okay, Ent? -feeling forehead-

d said...

enty, anybody ever tell you that it isn't a good idea to click on links in emails from people you don't know?

(resisting the temptation to go there myself....)

sunny said...

So, what are her supposed "findings"? Her site is so confusing, I spent just enough time to skim what Ent had already quoted.

mandjo said...

Ok Ok I went back and looked at the Tripod site and #4 is truly Crazy. All this JFK stuff must be making her paranoid. Where Eminem comes into this I dunno. I'm still lost though.

d said...

wow. I couldn't help myself, I had to go look.

Do you think this person is a follower of "The Secret" and is trying to make her movie deal and move to DC true by saying it is already so?

Unknown said...

Im blocked at work from the site and now even more curious! so frustrating

Unknown said...

I went, k? Couldn't help it. Um, what's with the 'weekend' list? Is this stuff she looked at, or used over the W.E.?
Not clicking on any of her links tho, no telling where they'll lead...
I LoL'd at D's "The Secret" comment. ;)

Jembily said...

Some of this stuff is kind of scary. Look at this site:


It is one of many.

Lola said...

I clicked and then I googled. I must be crazy. Not as crazy as this lady but still pretty effing crazy.

wineaux said...

um here's some more crazy:

Aug 14, 2007 | 3:03 PM PST
Tags: Funny, Sexy, Suit
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I have written a screenplay that I plan to "Executive Produce" and release in movie theatres worldwide via Disney. (I will not be doing business with nor signing contracts with Ge/Universal nor doing business with nor signing contracts with Warner Bros. I will not be doing business with nor signing contracts with any "rappers" because I "hate rap music"). You may view my video "The Suit" by clicking on the "zippy" link (below):


hello? is anyone in there? she hates rappers...well, does donny deutch represent rappers too? who doesn't?

wineaux said...

guess she also hates madonna, mexicans, and some chick named gail:

3. No To Gail/Gale. Gail/Gale will not have anything to do with any Renee Baker Studios/Renee Ashley Baker motion picture production. I will charge Gail/Gale with "evidence tampering" and with "witness tampering". I will file racketeering charges against Gail/Gale because the "criminal residents" living in "the criminal "Crip" building at 3000 W. Yale" constantly tried to "extort" for Gail/Gale and tried to "make me/force me" to let Gail/Gale have/produce my Kennedy "finding". However I will send Gail/Gale to prison before I let anyone named Gail/Gale have/produce Renee Ashley Baker's "Kennedy Finding". Gail/Gale is a CRIMINAL who will "go to prison". The "Mexican criminals" in apt 310 (at 3000 W. Yale) are going to "go to prison too" because they are "not" going to extort a "movie catering truck" (nor will they extort anything else from Renee Baker Studios.)

4. No to Warner Bros and No to GE/Universal. NO to Eminem. I will "file criminal charges" against Eminem if he doesn't "stay away" from Renee Ashley Baker. (and Eminem must "stay away" from Renee Baker Studios). NO to Madonna and NO to Madonna's company. I will testify against Warner Bros and I will testify against GE/Universal. I will also be filing criminal charges against Bill Ritter for "obstruction of justice" and for "aiding and abetting racketeering and extortion of Renee Baker Studios (Bill Ritter is the Mexican drug dealer's helper).

d said...

she needs her quote key disabled.

wineaux said...

just thought i'd share with those who didn't feel like reading the whole crazy blog. anyone who hates rappers, mexicans & madonna needs to have their head checked. what's your damage?

Kathy K said...

Oy -- "putting things in quote" makes me "crazy". But it kind of makes it easy to "hear the voice in her head" that she "hears" when she's writing all of this.

It's actually very interesting ... this is the kind of person I picture I'm watching at a restaurant who sits and eats alone, with no book, and who meticulously and slowly eats each item one at a time and always returns the fork to the same spot between bites.

I'm also picturing her apartment. It's very full. Clean, but really full. As in, you can't sit on a chair unless you move some stuff first.

We do a lot of work for OCD people. They're very much like this. I suspect this is a version of that.

Anonymous said...

Take it from the guy who works in mental health: the girl has bipolar or schizophrenia, because these are psychotic bordering on paranoid delusions. I think she knows that it's a little out there and that's why we have no reasons other than people are (quote) criminals (unquote), which is a common delusional codeword for "they're out to get me". Anyone else watch the creepy vid that buvez linked in there above. WEIRD. Mel Gibson's photos being manipulated, spun, at one point a "burning" spot at his crotch area, and ending with his naked ass from one of the Lethal Weapon movies.

Anonymous said...

Added note: I was intrigued as to where we should send the paramedics before this girl causes problems for Donny Deutch, Eminem, or those "Mexican criminals". I google mapped 3000 W Yale Ave. Only one address came up: WATCH OUT DENVERITES! Renee Ashley Baker is comin' after you!


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