Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Drew Carey --Mr Kindness

New Price is Right host Drew Carey invited-and paid for- the entire staff and their families to Las Vegas for a "getting to know you" weekend. But there was one rule: No talking about work!

"When he first invited everybody, we figured that it would be a great weekend for talking about new rules on the set and changes Drew would be making," a grateful show employee told The Enquirer.

"So when we heard we weren't allowed to mention anything regarding work, we were ecstatic."

The surprise Vegas trip was not the first time the 49 year old comedian displayed his generosity to the Price is Right staff. When it was first announced he was taking over duties from recently retired Bob Barker, Drew gifted all employees with a $500 Apple iPhone.


Great Dane said...

I wanna work for Drew!!!! Waaaaa!!!!!!!!

MnGddess said...

I think he did something similar on the set of the Drew Carey show. He's a good guy.


jax said...

Ya i beleive he took everyone to Disneyworld or a Cruise when the DCS was still on. I beleive it was an anual thing at the end of Season.

My boss took me for lunch at Olive Garden..i feel used, cheap and slighted.

Anonymous said...

at least you got Olive Garden! LOL

Unknown said...

Yeah, I think he is one of the 'good' guys - even watching his show 'the power of 10' he talks about how excited he is to give away money to people and it seems very genuine.

califblondy said...

Once for for Professional Assistants' Day, my boss gave me twenty bucks, told me to buy a gift and give him the receipt so he could expense it. How crappy is that? (I hate to say it, but my boss was an attorney).

Drew sounds like a sweetheart. I also read about him being a good tipper too.


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