Monday, August 20, 2007

Music News And Photos

Foo Fighters - V Festival - Weston -Under - Lizard, UK
The Kooks- V Festival - Weston-Under-Lizard, UK
Kanye West - V Festival - Weston-Under-Lizard, UK

Ana Gabriel - HP Pavilion - San Jose, CA

Band Of The Day

Fay Aiyana is more known for her music in television and films singing in Gilmore Girls and Sin City Diaries, but is now striking out on her own with her very first record. In addition to her 4.5 octave range, I love Fay because she's also a giver. A portion of the money from every album she sells goes to UNICEF which is a charity near and dear to her heart, and mine as well.

Take a listen to her new CD, and if you would like to be the band of the day, e-mail me.


merrick said...

whoever the lead singer for the "kooks" is looks like he could channel a young lizard king and really put on a show

mr mojo risin

adore said...

Yay its back!, love the kooks and foo fighters :], too bad the kooks don't tour over here. my mommy listens to Ana Gabriel. said...


Dave Grohl is an expert at getting the hair action going onstage.


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