Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bill Murray Probably Wishes This Was Groundhog Day

Looking back , Bill Murray probably wishes he could have a do over. While in Sweden for a golf tournament, Bill, like many of us on vacation got shitfaced. Unlike most of us, he then walked outside the hotel and stole a golf cart that was on display for the tournament. He then decided to take the golf cart for a little spin through city traffic and ended up at a nightclub about a mile away. After heading inside for a few more drinks, Bill attempted to return to his hotel, but was pulled over for DUI and for driving a golf cart in city traffic. Turns out it isn't actually illegal to drive a golf cart in city traffic, but no one had ever seen it before. Bill refused a breath test, so they took a blood test and the results will be made available in two weeks. Bill meanwhile has already left the country and presumably will not return. Before leaving the country he did sign a guilty plea should he have been found to have been legally drunk when the blood is tested.


__-__=__ said...

Well, good for him! No animals were harmed!! Thanks for the laugh Bill! Of course, at 57 drinking so much can't be good on the body. Or face. Hair looks bad too. Are those liver spots? He probably needs a cleanse.

Unknown said...


Not that I condon drunk driving, but stealing a golf cart to get to another bar, and doing what no man had done before... golf carting deerunk in traffic - I commend you sir!

Unknown said...

And he only 'borrowed' the golf cart w/out asking - big diff :)

Stacey Charter said...

Why do I think he was hunting groundhogs??

Tracee said...

Stacey LOL! Right on! Heehee!


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