Thursday, August 23, 2007

Was Lindsay Lohan Spotted Buying Beer?--Plus, She Gets One Day In Jail. Yes, Just One Day

Utah radio station 97.1 has a report that Lindsay and an unidentified man were seen entering a convenience store and purchasing a 12 pack of Miller Lite. The convenience store was unable to identify whether Lindsay Lohan did in fact enter the store or buy beer.

Although the pap are not trailing her everywhere in Utah, I do find it hard to believe that she managed to give them the slip long enough to go buy booze. Of course booze could have been her plan when she went to the store with her brother and sister and then she noticed she was being followed.

This report comes shortly after Lindsay entered a plea of no contest to two counts of DUI and plead guilty to the remaining five charges. Lindsay will serve 36 months of probation, and attend an alcohol education program for 18 months and to also perform 10 days of community service.
Lindsay was required to serve a minimum of four days in jail because she did plead no-contest to two DUI charges, but the judge cut that in half and gave her credit for the one day in jail she already served on the night she was arrested which means she will have to serve one day in jail.
Of course as long as she gets there at 9pm or so, they will let her out at midnight because that is considered serving a day in jail.
So basically, what it boils down to is Lindsay is going to have serve a few hours in jail, behave herself, and stay away from people using controlled substances.


Pinky said...

The rules for buying alcohol in Utah are:

Beer containing 3.2% alcohol content may be purchased in grocery and convenience stores.
Liquor, wine and full-strength beer must be bought through a state-owned liquor store.

So if she did purchase beer, she's not going to get much of a buzz unless she buys a case and downs it in an hour.

Unknown said...


Now she'll check herself out of the spa uh, rehab, go to LA, spend 3 hours in jail, go out and party and kill someone.

Nice going, LA justice system. Nice going.

P said...

I guess when she said she's a 'celebrity and could do what the f**k she wants' she wasn't kidding.

featherbell said...

I could hardly believe it when I saw the following on E! News: "'She's getting what everyone else would get,' Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers said following the afternoon hearing."
Whaddaya think? Can that possibly be a true statement?

parissucksliterally said...

I am LIVID about this. Any of us would have been ROTTING in a cell this entire time while they decided what charges would be brought up!
Between this, and Nicole spending 82 minutes in jail, I give up.
"Celebrity" or Rich People have a completely different set of rules.

Tina said...

Actually, she is getting what anyone else would get. I can only speak for TX, but here 2 DUIs are a misdemeanor and 3 DUIs are a felony. It would be very unlikely for anyone in Lilo's situation to get more time than what she did, especially if you're in a more liberal jurisdiction. I agree with Enty - Paris was the odd man out in this trio of DUI related incidents - although hers was probation violation, which is a little different.

Tracee said...

Well look at Foxxy Brown she just hits someone with a cell phone and that lands her in jail. I think it's saft to say if you're white and rich you get a different set of rules. If you're minority with money it's just as tough.

Question Ent:
Who is to intevene and look into the LA justice system? Or is there nothing any one could do? This seems like a dangerous trend.

Unknown said...

Is it just my eyes or did I see this same picture three times today on CDAN?

In anycase, Lindsay is one celeb whose time is over in my book.

Shame on the LA justice system.

Unknown said...

its a pretty safe bet she already lost all the talent she had based on her most recent movies...lets just all vow to boycott her films and maybe she will diappear...i am sick of her antics and she looks like such a bitch! i think the coke possesion should have landed her more jail time and this is ridiculous. i used to think she was cool, but now i think of her as a drunk cokehead bitch who has stalker tendencies...sorry for the rant-she irks me!

Tracee said...

Agreed. I've been trying to avoid reading or posting anything Blohan. But this was too much, I'm so sick of seeing how "justice" prevails for those who have little in the moral section. Done.

Unknown said...

Oooh goody, others who want to boycott! I was afraid I was the only one.... :( LOL!

P said...

I'd heard that she also got the 'light sentence' (snort) because they didn't find 'enough cocaine' on her? What the EFF does THAT mean? I was under the impression that any amount of a controlled substance (such as coke) could land your a$$ in jail. Can someone clarify? Anyone? Enty? Thanks :)


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