Friday, August 24, 2007

Ryan Phillipe Is Full Of Crap

Ryan Phillipe says he's only interested in making serious movies and wouldn't want to spend time away from his children if it was just to do a fun movie.

He says he enjoys watching fun movies, but," if I put my time and focus into a project I like it to resonate and to mean something."

What Ryan is really saying is that he's an actor who is never offered the fun movies and the blockbuster movies so he just pretends that he only wants to make serious movies.

If you choose to believe what Ryan is saying, then, you also have to know that he's throwing Reese under a bus. Reese has spent time away from home doing fun films or big films and not just films that are serious. So, I guess Ryan is saying that he is a better parent than Reese because he only leaves the kids for important reasons, like serious films, and sleeping with 18 year old girls.


blooter said...

"Breach" was a pretty big film.

Months ago, but possible Oscar buzz for one of its other stars in Chris Cooper so the film could come back in the spotlight.

Unknown said...

Breach was fantastic, and he was great in it. It was directed by the same guy who did Shattered Glass and they both have a grey-washed charachter-centric feel to them that really lets their performances shine.

lex said...

wow man you really need to get over whatever Ryan did to you. He's entitled to have an opinion. What is your problem? Unrequited Reese love?


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