Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Random Photos Part One

I think the dog actually weighs more than Jessica Alba.
Drew Barrymore and the Unabomber do some shopping.
Hollywood's latest fashion statement. Now you don't need to see a bare back to see if there is a tramp stamp. Ana Ortiz shows how everyone can wear their clothes and tell the world what's underneath.
I guess Lindsay just told the guy who she married. Either that or they were reminiscing about Race For Your Life Charlie Brown.

Kat DeLuna might want to rethink the whole promotional events involving actual cats.
Wow, if John Mayer's his depressed after being with Cameron Diaz, he must have been suicidal after being with Jessica Simpson.
Jamie Lynn Sigler getting wet...in the rain.
Sophia Bush is at a clean the beaches event in North Carolina. Ummm. Sophia, the idea is to actually put something in the bag.

Speaking of bags. Renee Zellweger gets her nails done. I could think of other priorities for her.
It looks like Mark Indelicato might have got a little something that Rebecca Romijn wasn't expecting him to get.
Richard Grieco and Mickey Rourke continue their contest to see which man can get the most work done.
I still think Mickey is winning.

From one big pussy to another.

Do you remember in the film Delirious when Eddie Murphy was actually funny and did an impression of Ralph Kramden doing Ed Norton up the butt?
Sienna Miller didn't see the sign and is forced to leave. No, not the no nudists allowed but rather the no dogs allowed.
Another Pink Panther movie? Probably the same people who greenlighted Jurassic Park IV.


Tracee said...

Nooooo! I'm blinded! Richard Grieco has climbed out of the depths of hell to point to people on the red carpet!

Grieco looks rough. He makes Carrot Top look hot.

mandjo said...

Renee, The hair has got to change!

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Thank you ENT for another beautiful edition of Tuesday Snark

Bryn said...

Renee's hair cut is not a good look on her.

Also, Richard Grieco - must be the answer to that blind item about a former teen idol who has turned into a drugged out mess, and put his place up for sale and it was a total filth trap.

Stacy said...

LMAO! I remember that Eddie Murphy bit. Back when he was funny and not crazy and all.

Stacey Charter said...

Jesus H what in the heck happened to Grieco's face??? Why Why Why do men get plastic surgery. Don't they realize how f'd up it can look?? He's scarier then that cat lady...

And Bryn I was thinking that too but it sure doesn't seem like the lunatic from that blind could get it together enough for this event ...hmmm. Stacey

Julie said...

totes Richard Grieco for that BI. At least I hope so. Where the hell did he come from? LOL out of the woodwork

wineaux said...

that is one scary look geek-o! wow...i'm imagining him right now trying to get some from that poor real estate agent (and why she would run away screaming!)

Anonymous said...

grieco looks like he took a couple of steps to the left on the evolution of man chart.

ablake said...

wtf? That poor kitty:(
Do those people not know how to hold on to an animal?

RIchard Grieco-scary now. Where in the world did he get all the money for really bad plastic surgery?

Unknown said...

Spin-off? Ugly Renee?


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