Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bette Midler Isn't Nature's Best Friend

Bette Midler is facing fines of about $10,000 for cutting down over 200 trees surrounding her Kauai Hawaii home as well as building a graded road all without any kind of permits and all of this was done in a conservation area. Midler, through her attorney said Midler was unaware that any permits were needed and would be happy to pay the fine.

Ummm, you need a permit to do anything and even if Bette didn't know, you sure as hell know that the people who did the installing of a graded road and the removal of over 200 trees knew. It wasn't Bette out there in a t-shirt and shorts chopping down 200 trees and driving a bulldozer. She had help.

She just doesn't care because the fine is only $10,000. The permit process and whether or not she would have been approved is all one big crapshoot. This way, she just gets it done and has an extra cost of $10,000 with no fuss and no muss.

This is what sucks about celebrities. It's not about the environment, it's about the idea that you are entitled to do things because of who you are, and that money makes things go away. The idea they are special is fed to them ad nauseum by their agents, publicists, managers and their fans until they really start to believe they are special and better than everyone else. They aren't better than the rest of us, BUT you won't do anything about it. You will still watch her movies, listen to her records, and wonder what really went on in those San Francisco bath houses when she and Barry Manilow were first starting out.

So, if we won't do anything about it, then what does that make us? Are we worse than the celebrity because we know what they did and we just don't care, or are they worse because they know they can do whatever they want and we will still be here fawning?


parisss said...

We're just as bad as them.

That said- any good SF bath house stories?!?!

__-__=__ said...

Well, it's not just celebs. Anyone with money thinks the same. Last time this happened in my area they made the person tear out the work they had done. They were fined heavily for the trees and had to bring in new trees and have them planted. It pretty much stopped that kind of thing from happening - at least for now. And it didn't cost this guy $10,000 to fix the mess either! Way more, way more.

Miss Scarlett said...

Sweetie Darling--I love you and all but those bathhouses she and Manilow started out at where in New York City as in the Continental Baths.

Miss Scarlett said...

and where should have been were. Sorry.

Tracee said...

That sounds like some Yoga stuff right there ent? You picked up a new hobby to ward off those pounds, huh? Good for you!

(Yes, I still love me some Bette. Bitch has always been B-A-D. Don't shake your head Ent. I'll be good! Do spank me though! :) said...

No, once I get disgusted with a celeb, I won't buy their stuff or see their movies. I'm only one person though!

I vowed 5 years ago that Courtney Love wasn't getting another dime of my money. That includes ANYTHING Nirvana.

Unknown said...

I'm with Brenda here. Once a celeb pisses me off or becomes incredibly self-centered so badly it glows like neon, I give them up.

Bette is now history with me. Which is no big whup with her I am sure. What I wish is that Hawaii get some backbone and fine her heavily and then make her REPLANT THOSE 200 TREES. Oh and be sure and go after each one of the contractors who performed the work with no permits. I'm sure they got paid well enough to afford the fines.

Unknown said...

Bette obviously did not learn from the other Kauai millionaire (car dealer) who also did not get any permits for tampering with a dam on his land. When it flooded in 2006, it caused the death of 7 who were swept away from their homes.

Anonymous said...

She cut down mostly invasive and non-native species with the intention to replant local (Hawaiian) plant species in their place. Hawaii has a real problem with invasive species of plants and animals. Anywho, last time I check her environmental track record was better than that of most folks, myself included. Get your facts straight people! ;-)


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