Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's Official--Lindsay Escapes Felony Charges

Prosecutor's in the Lindsay Lohan case decided not to file felony charges when the amount of cocaine found on Lindsay was not sufficient for a felony. Lindsay is facing seven misdemeanors which is an impressive total for a 21 year old.

Lindsay faces two counts each of driving under the influence, driving with blood alcohol of over .08 percent, being under the influence of cocaine, as well as reckless driving.

Lindsay's arraignment is scheduled for Friday, but she will probably enter a plea this afternoon at a conference scheduled in front of the judge. Because these are misdemeanors, Lindsay will not be required to be physically present.


mocha said...

quelle surprise. i bet paris is pissed she had to serve 23 days and lindsay goes hog wild and will only serve a max of four.

oh well, we'll just have to have patience and wait until she fucks up again..

Etobicoke Votes said...

I thought she said the cocaine wasn't hers. How did some find its way into her system?

If it was the "black guy" who had been driving, after "carjacking" a vehicle with the exact same substances found in him and on him, something tells me he'd still be locked up in an LA jail.


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