Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lindsay On The Verge Of Getting Kicked Out Of Rehab

Troubled Lindsay Lohan is in danger of being kicked out of rehab for breaking the rules – again!

Officials at the Cirque Lodge in Utah have put the Hollywood wild child on ‘corrective action’ and given her a drug test after she was accused of having drugs in the facility. “Lindsay’s got her butt in a vise right now. She’s in a lot of trouble,” says an insider.

Since checking into Cirque Lodge earlier this month, Lindsay has acted like a diva who doesn’t think rules apply to her. “Lindsay got called into the director’s office on August 15 and was questioned about drugs,” says the source. “When ordered to take a drug test, she reluctantly complied but screamed and cursed at the medical director before storming out the room. She was told that if she couldn’t conform to the program she’d have to leave.”

Although her reps deny the story, sources say Lindsay has broken other rules, including leaving the grounds unsupervised. “On her second night, Lindsay snuck out with an older guy she met at a meeting,” says another source. “That’s a no-no, and Lindsay knows it.” The actress isn’t working very hard on her recovery either, sources reveal. “She shows up at meeting late and sits there writing in a journal,” says the source. “Recently she’s been skipping meetings altogether.”

Not only did Lindsay sneak in a prohibited cell phone, she’s also been demanding star treatment since she arrived, sources say. The luxury rehab, which costs about $30,000 a month, expects patients to work as well as attend group counseling sessions and one-on-one meeting s with doctors, psychiatrists and other medical professionals. When told what her daily schedule would be, she said in a sarcastic voice: “F—k that! I don’t think so.”

One source says, “All the residents help out with chores, but Lindsay doesn’t lift a finger,” Lindsay also refused to eat and throws plates in the garbage when the chef won’t make what she wants, sources add. And her negative attitude isn’t going unnoticed. “The director has put Lindsay on corrective action,” says the insider. “This means she’s on the verge of being kicked out.”

This is the third rehab stint for Lindsay this year. She checked herself into L.A. ’s Wonderland Center in January. Then, after she crashed her car and was cited for DUI and drug possession in May, she entered Promises rehab in Malibu . After another DUI and possession arrest on July 24, she reportedly spent 8 days in an intense medical detox facility in L.A. before entering Cirque Lodge.

But it doesn’t seem Lindsay – who was scheduled to be in court on August 24 – has learned her lesson at all! As previously reported, she had affairs and did drugs in Promises. And now she’s up to her old tricks at Cirque Lodge


mandjo said...

You're Kidding!!? No Way! Not Lindsay!!!!!Why should she take it seriously, it's not like she is going to get into too much trouble.

Anonymous poster said...

Sometimes the only way to get through to the addict is in a lock down facility like Tarzana or hard time, and often not even then.......

Unknown said...

Honestly, where's the surprise?

Bomber Blue said...


WTF said...

"Lindsay has acted like a diva who doesn’t think rules apply to her."

She KNOWS the rules don't apply to her and we all know it too.

Start praying now for the person she is bound and determined to kill.

It WILL happen.

weezy said...

Oh, dear God, this child is going to wind up doing porn, isn't she?

jax said...

This bitch needs jail time not sadly is for quitters in LA.

Sending someone to rehab to avoid a jail sentence is not 'getting help' its a cop out to stay on free ground. You cannot help someone for them...they have to do it on their own. Maybe doing time will be the rock bottom this lil brat needs. said...

I say let the bitch fall flat on her face and the chips fall where they may. Kick her ass out. AND keep the $30,000.00

I know there are spoiled-ass brats like this in the world, but it just seems so unnatural.

Farm Girl Pink... said...

You have to look back at Robert Downey Jr. and realize that if he had not been sent to prison for 18 months... he would dead now.

I suspect Miss Lohan will not get her sh*t straighten out till she is forced into the California Penal system... she has no obvious desire to stop what she is doing.

Plus her money is going to run out. No one will ever insure her without a clause to urine-test her daily. And that is only if she can pass the up front physical.

Andy said...

For chrissakes, one day the stories say she's a model patient, then this. Am I supposed to believe ANY of this?

Jerry said...

Ent, where does this come from? Usually when something is unattributed it comes from you or your sources but this reads like tabloid crap.

I enjoy this blog because of its inside nature but if you're doing nothing more than quoting tabs, then it's time to spend these fifteen minutes elsewhere.


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