Monday, August 20, 2007

Jennifer Aniston And Owen Wilson Dating

Not really, but everyone will say they are once filming starts on their new film together. The pair is scheduled to start filming Marley & Me next year. Marley & Me is the adaptation of the book of the same name which is the story of a Philadelphia couple who buy a dog to give them a taste of parenthood. Wacky hi jinks ensue and I'm sure both Owen and Jen will play totally believable dog owners and later, parents in the film. I on the other hand don't think it will equal the greatness of K-9 or Turner & Hooch and would have preferred they make the film version of the followup novel Snarly & Me.


kellygirl said...

Snarley & Me - love it!
as if our obsession with our animals isn't freaky enough - we must also be reminded of our fondness for S&M and torture games

Stacey Charter said...

hahaha love the Snarley and Me!

And as for Marley and Me... am I the only one who bawled thru it? I had to keep putting it down for a week at a time .


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