Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What I Hate

#1 I hate the fact that a 50 year old man needs to wear his jacket with one shoulder off because he's trying to act like he's 20.

#2 I hate the fact they are cold. Who the hell wears jackets and sweaters and long pants? In LA yesterday it was literally 4000 degrees. It was so hot yesterday snakes were sweating. Did the producers of the music video offer them some invisible air conditioner that follows behind them? Then why the hell are the bundled up against the cold? Skeletor and the thing that married him's assistant behind them is wearing a thin, sleeveless dress which was probably about right for the weather. Still looks a little uncomfortable, but better.

#3 I hate Marc Anthony's hair. It looks ridiculous and he just needs to face the fact that those two little cowlicks are not hiding the fact that he has a receding hairline that is halfway to the back of his head.

#4 I hate the fact that Marc Anthony is wearing that U2 shirt. It just seems wrong. The only song he probably knows is Sunday Bloody Sunday and not because it's famous, but because it's the first song on the album so he wanted to pretend he had listened to it.

#5 Is Marc Anthony that insecure that he always needs to be looking off at the people around him like he is going to kick their ass? The last ass he kicked was when...Actually I doubt Marc Anthony ever kicked an ass. He's kissed a lot of ass, sucked a lot of ass, is a big jackass, but I don't think he actually has ever kicked an ass.


Anonymous said...

[hands Ent a sedative] Umm... think you might need this right now. They are celebrities, probably on some weird cocktail of herbaceuticals and pharmaceuticals and not worth that much of your venom.

califblondy said...

Ent, Mama always said don't say "hate."

I watched Jen on a Will & Grace rerun last night and she really can be funny.

Tracee said...

So you hate Marc Anthony is that what you're saying?

Don't forget #6-Marc Anthony always looks like he rolled out of a port-o-potty and he always has toilet paper stuck to his shoe.

Stacey Charter said...

Vampires are always cold... somthing to do with the no blood thing. Guess he finally made Jen his Vampire queen.

And is it just me, or does Vampire Mark look like he kicks little dogs and scares old ladies and children?? Stacey

brendalove@gmail.com said...

He's the only man who's been able to hold onto Jen for any amount of time. That's not really saying much though.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Skeletor > Affleck?
We should have this debate one day.

jax said...

Team Affleck..but with Jen Garner..JHo never deserved such aman..le sigh.

Rosie O Donell once said that all throught his marriage to Dayonara Mark was still in love with Jlo and that every song he wrote he wrote for her. Didnt stop him from making babies with her though.

Im with you EL..Mark is Douche Personified.

And to everyone saying not to hate..hello this is a gossip site not Missmanerrs.com!!! lol.

califblondy said...

Thanks Jaks, but I guess my attempt at humor failed. I've certainly been coming to this site long enough to know it hasn't got a thing to do with proper etiquette. Why else would I keep coming back?

Kelsey said...

I LOVE this post. mostly because of the snakes sweating comment. I never thought about snakes sweating but I bet they would in 4000-degree LA.

ent, you really are a shy and reserved guy. you should just cut loose and tell us what you really think of marc anthony.

ablake said...

<3 you Ent.

Marc Anthony and JLo really do fit into the $cientology scne, don't they? Think about it (rumors of her family being in the cult aside) She was wild and nuts and outspoken when she first hit th scene. Dating Puffy,doing movies,posing sexy for mags and giving tons of interviews.. Now you never see her without him hanging onto her for dear life. They always have an 'assistant' within 2 feet and her career has pretty much tanked since ..well wow. Can't even remember the last time she was relevant.

shannon said...

Ha! lmao

Unknown said...

I hate ANY pic of JLo that:

1) Has Marco in it, and

2) Does not showcase that ass!!!


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