Friday, August 24, 2007

Music News And Photos

Eve - Good Morning America - New York

The Gossip - Reading Festival - Reading, UK

Mandy Moore - House Of Blues - West Hollywood
Chaka Khan - J&R Music World - New York
Chris Daughtry - Red Rock Casino - Las Vegas


Tania said...

ok, I've no clue WHAT that thing is in the Daughtry pic - but the positioning made me laugh out loud in the office!
Why yes, I am 12.... ;-)

kellygirl said...

what, no "bump" controversary re: Mandy Moore?

Hez said...

It's his er, megaphone.

mandjo said...

I thought the same Tania!

Tania said...


A megaphone?
Don't most singers use them new-fangled microphone doohickies? said...

I didn't know Mandy Moore even sang much anymore.

Jerry said...

I was married to a 300 pound woman for many years so no problem with anyone who's overweight...but that was some seriously bad fashion advice. She needs a better role model than Vladimir Putin.

I Am Not A Dog said...

mandy moore's looking mighty pregnantish no???
anyone? anyone???


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