Friday, August 24, 2007

My Children Are In A Wonderful Place

That is a quote from White Oprah who also says that "people just want to make things up and see us fail," when asked about her daughter Ali's car accident.

You know I'm really trying to figure out what people are making up about her family. Ali was in a car accident. The police admitted it. Ali snuck out of the house and went off with a boy three years older who had a drivers license, but stole his mom's car, and he got in an accident.

Now, Ali snuck out of the house at 730pm and so I don't know what that's about. I didn't do my sneaking out until 2am or so.

As for being in a wonderful place, I must admit that Utah can be a very beautiful place as long as you don't like to do your drinking past 10pm or do it Sun-Thu. However, the scenery is gorgeous and the hotel they are at is great, so I guess her children are in a wonderful place.

As far as being in a wonderful situation, I don't know about that.

Lindsay was given one day in jail which everyone should bitch about, BUT she has 3 years of probation coming to her and she will need to behave every day of those 3 years. If she can behave every day for three years, then I'm okay with the one day in jail.

Yes, she could have killed someone and is being sued by the chasee and will no doubt be sued for false imprisonment by the three boys any day now. BUT, the fact is Lindsay didn't hurt anyone and in this society we don't punish based on what you could have done, but what you did do, and what she did do was drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol and was given a sentence that was commensurate with that.

Do, I want to see Lindsay fail like Dina says? Nope.

Do I think Lindsay will fail? Probably. I think she's too young to ever give up drinking for the rest of her life, and she may not even be an alcoholic. She might just be a 21 year old who parties like we did when we were younger, but we didn't get caught. Does that make us all alcoholics?

I think she's going to have to learn that if she does drink, she needs to stay at home and not go anywhere. The actors and actresses with the biggest drug and alcohol problems are not the ones you see in the clubs people. The biggest drug and alcohol abusers; the ones of the blind item world stay locked up in their homes either alone or with a couple of friends and do what they need to do, and no one is the wiser, except for me of course, and you if you can figure them out.


Unknown said...

Call me a bad person, but I admit it, I DO hope she fails. Absolutely. Because then I might have a chance of never ever seeing her face again (or White Oprah's face, for that matter...)

GammaGirl said...
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GammaGirl said...

Excellently put ENT!
What separates Lindsay from Parisite and Nicole is that she's talented...when she's not trying to balance acting and substance addiction.
I have my doubts about her living a sober lifestyle from this point on simply because of the people she surrounds herself with.
IF she makes good decisions her career may recover...but its going to take years.

Jim said...


I would also add that she needs to realize that she doesn't have too many friends and has made a lot of enemies.

She is going to be a target for the next three years. It would be real easy for an enemy to call her up to go out and party and the next thing you know, the cops are there. Cocaine is found. Lindsay does hard time. And since she doesn't have the mental fortitude to endure hard time, she ends up in a room with a knife, but this time instead of cutting herself as a way of crying out, she kills herself.

I hope she is serious about getting better. Personally, I don't think she is, but it would be nice to see her get herself together and 10 years from now get nominated for that first Oscar.

Hopefully she will move back to Long Island and spend all of her time with her brothers and sister.

I wish her the best of luck. I would like nothing else than to be able to help her out. Hopefully she is with people who feel the same.

mocha said...

lindsay who gets a dui twice in a 3 month span, takes people hostage, goes on a high speed pursuit, in and out of rehab 3 times this year alone = possibly not be an alcoholic???

yet you claim britney has a substance abuse problem and she hasn't even done half the shit lindsay has nor has she been caught with drugs (yet)??

kellygirl said...

"My Children are in a Wonderful Place."

Would that be the Land of Denial? said...

What kind of $*&$#*$&#* country are we living in.....where PARIS is the one who actually served a sentence and therefore is in the lead as far as street cred?

ablake said...

She is looking at death or getting better and taking responsibility.
Her mother FAILS at teaching her accountability and it just seems to me WO does it so she can save face and still get invited to free lunches at nice places.

Good luck Lind. If you do burn out and die of an overdose, know this: You won't get the press Marilyn did.

Straighten up you idiot.

Kathy K said...

I think the use of the word "us" in "they want to see us fail" says volumes.

Dina believes she is a part of this. Dina wants to be a part of this. Dina makes herself a part of this. Dina wants to be her children. Dina has lost all perspective.

She is the utter personification of the dreaded "stage mother".


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