Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Random Photos Part One

Is it just me, or maybe it's the bag, but Ashley Olsen looks like she's put on some weight. Those might actually be hips.
Kate Beckinsale takes her daughter to get her nails done and reads to her. Jennifer Garner will now take Violet to tea and then put on a one act play for her.

I see an ugly dog, but no broken nose.
Trust me when I say this look is reserved for either buying porn from a store, or removing porn and blow up dolls from your home.
Jennifer Garner is actually with an adult. Of course she only talked about kids, but at least she can converse with an adult.
Speaking of kids. How big are Christina's breasts going to get by the time she hits 9 months?

Aishwarya Rai filling the Beyonce role in Pink Panther 2.
What every mom wears when they drop their kids off at school.
If Rumer would stop borrowing her dad's hats, she could be really cute.
What came first the chicken or the egg? What came first the bald head or the constant photos of Mena Suvari?
This is Matt Damon an hour after meeting with Tom Cruise. Look at the twitching.

Lindsay Rehab Montage--
Bring the family to rehab day.

Using the phone when you are not supposed to day.
Still wearing the ring and where is she getting the new clothes everyday?
Still hanging on huh Brian?
Gwen with clothes on. Hey, what a concept.


Anonymous said...

I think I know the BI that ent is referring to in the BAG photo, but what does the "ck" in the photo's properties (mfbagck), mean?

ashley said...

that's in the properties for all the photos this time it seems

michele said...

Why in the hell do I find John Mayer a hot piece of ass lately?

Anonymous said...

2 things:
michele - I don't know, he still looks like ass to me.

CK is only in the properties of some of the photos. The following do NOT have them:
Gwen, Matt Damon, Rumer, Vicki B (aka CNTLB), John Mayer, Ashley said...

2 things for me too....

Someone please tell me that the Mena Suvari pic is misshapen. That head!

Also, is Gwen channeling some Gene Simmons with those bat wings?

Anonymous said...

in looking into Brenda's question re: Mena's head, I discovered something at the bottom of the photo: credit. a) I think you're only supposed to do that if you took the picture, and b) that's new.

Green Sea Anemone said...

Who knew there were so many pansy ass rehabs out there that let you shop, go river rafting, etc? I've been in rehab and we fell to our knees when they let us have caffeinated coffee. If I'd gone to one of these dealies I'd be dead in a ditch by now.

Re: Mayer - His hot piece of ass-ness seemed to occur in direct correlation to his having a 120 pound tumor removal. The transition has been most enjoyable.

Unknown said...

I swear its these celebrities that pop in and out of rehab that make one think twice about its value.

You can't tell me Lindsay has it all down pat with rehab over such a short time.. Girl needs to detox from her family, from her celeb status, the paps and oh, her drugs and booze.

lawyagirl said...

I'm perplexed...what's up with the "ck" referenced in the photo properties?

Also, what's Ent alluding to in the Ashley Olsen bag she preggo?

Anonymous said...

Rumer looks like Bella Abzug

Unknown said...

Is EL picking on the girls from "Pearl Harbor?"

michele said...

hee, i think you are right about the 120 pound tumor! i would not have looked twice at him before, now i'm lovin' him!

Surya said...

the bearded guy with Aiswarya Rai is her husband...


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