Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Brad And Jen Meet Jen And Brad

Meet Jennifer Aniston’s new Brad: Bradley Cooper! Star has learned that Jen recently enjoyed a romantic dinner date with the handsome hottie, who’s just 32 and newly single!

And how about this for irony: The pair are set to costar in the upcoming romantic comedy He’s Just Not that Into You, and Bradley also has an ex named Jennifer – who dumped him!

Actress Jennifer Esposito filed for divorce last May, a mere 5 months after they wed. “He was devastated,” says a friend. “But that’s all in the past now. He’s Jen’s new Brad, and she’s his new Jen!”

The cozy costars met at Bradley’s Brentwood , California , home, thanks to mutual friend and matchmaker Drew Barrymore. As co-producer, Drew desperately wanted Jen to do the film. But Jen was reluctant to sign on.

“Drew pushed, and Jen finally agreed to meet with Bradley,” says the source. “Jen wanted it quiet and low-key so he invited her to his house, and it was great. Brad lit some candles and made dinner. He’s a good cook. They made a good connection. She loved his house, loved his dogs and most importantly, loved talking to him.”

Jen not only agreed to star in the movie, she apparently found a guy she’d like to see a lot more of, after splitting with British model Paul Sculfor.
“She’s really excited about Bradley,” says the friend. “She’s now probably thinking, like Paul who? Bradley and Jen really hit it off and genuinely liked each other.”

And it’s not hard to see why. “They have a lot in common,” the friend notes. “They love animals, for one – Jen has two dogs and Bradley has 3. And they’re both athletic and like weekend getaways.”

Could this be the start of a hot new Brad and Jen pairing? Pals think so! “They’ve talked a few times on the phone and are planning on getting together again,” the friend tells Star. “And Jen was the aggressor! Bradley’s kind of shy, and he usually waits for the girl to make a move. And wow, is he happy that Jen called. And why wouldn’t she? This Brad could be The One!”


Khemenu said...

Every article about Jennifer Aniston paints her as this sad single lady "of-a-certain-age" who needs her friends just to get a date.

Anonymous said...

does anyone have the scoop on why Jen E and Brad C split so suddenly? That was a bizarre turn and I've never heard a peep about what happened.

Random Ramblings said...

true Cali girl... i for one will be really happy for Jen A if she finally finds Mr. Right :-)

jax said...

Maybe this was the couple that split yesterday and Jen A was the Al list actress??

GammaGirl said...

Jen A has always stuck me as the type of person would have to have been stoned out of her mind to engage in a threesome... I doubt Bradley C would hook up with the woman he caught Jen E with.

parisss said...

Aniston bores me for some reason. I think Enty just wanted to post a pic of J. Esposito!!

Stacey Charter said...

Ugh is the Star serious> Christ every male that Jen A breathes on ..."COULD BE THE ONE!" I so want to rant about this diotic Star article but i just don't have the chutzpah to do it today...So i'll just say "He’s Jen’s new Brad, and she’s his new Jen!” UUGGHHHH I need a tums. ~ Stacey

Tracee said...

i guessed Bradley and Jennifer yesterday because I thought it was weird that they filed for divorce so quickly. But Christina and Jonathan seemed a better fit.

But now seeing this, I'm not sure if this a coincidence or not...gotta go look at Bale. Blood sugar's running low.

Mother Campfire said...

I am so sick and tired of this studio-fed bullshit. Why does EVERY movie out now have to have some 'hot' new 'romance' attached to the leads? DO PEOPLE ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS HORSESHIT?

Sorry - it's just unnerving that rags/studios think we're this retarded.

Unknown said...

And if they only talked about work? I mean, it's not a freakish or crazy idea. People talk about work!

For now I wait to post this gossip "news" on my news-blog about Bradley.(


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